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'cosmogyral' means to twirl around the universe but i'm just caleb.

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i kinda like this semi-colon breaking, do you get my shakespear quotes???

distraction is when the ground shatters beneath their feet.

April 5, 2021


i am the girl who longed to kiss the rain; 'do the impossible' they said, so i pulled shorts of breath from; i have pulled the breath from; from places between ribs; and in the most violent of ways; i have. subdued. mankind; never once has a muse been mightier; sing me sonnets, oh grand anger; i lull you over with h a t r e d  u n s a t e d.

'swallow your salt' they said; i was worth every grain they tossed in my eyes; the ground would quake as they tried to make me kneel; a play on the mind but away i fought; this is no place for my childhood; this is the ballad of the knife they plunged into my back; the battlefield is not a place only a tale - a myth, if you must; we breathe in air; but was it the air; the air had gone stale.

'are you the dusk or are you the dawn'; i am the twilight; the faint moment before the e n d  o f  t h e  w o r l d but you call it the end of the day; i am the moment when people leave; as there is no longer any //sunset// to enrapture them; i will shower you in ambrosia but i will not heal you; gazes jump around like rustling leaves of a dark forest; you will never know what it is that stirs under my skin.

'then hate me thou wilt, if ever, now,'; i need not romeo to kiss dead lips; for there is no love in beauty there is only my superficial prince; counting clocks yet they told no time; i sat there as dragoned-flies feasted upon the corpses of my past lives; i did not need them; they will find no shame in who we have become; the achievements we have reached.

follow the stars you may be taught, yet 'not from the stars do i my judgement pluck,'; hate me as you must; my hands extend to catch the droplets of rain; their eyes watched in envy (though i'd rather it in awe and fear); and without hesitance, i learned to say; you will remember me. 
i am in love with that repetition of 'from' of the first stanza, i did it again in the second with 'air', hehe


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  • Nikki

    *jaw has dropped* *i have no intention of picking it up*
    this piece, is FUCKING GORGEOUS. i loved reading it. awesome job!

    6 months ago
  • Ellington Stone

    So beautiful!! I love the format variety as well.

    6 months ago

    I love the first paragraph with a passion, and the last one is phenomenal and everything in-between is littered with stardust and casually flung greatness. This is written so sharply. It makes me think of a broken mosaic, like it's just jagged and beautiful and grand and ..................

    6 months ago

    *no words*

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    ooooh I really like this- it's so thought-provoking!
    RE: Haha, yeah, I just get so scared when I post anything online, it's really scary when you don't know how other people are going to take it. And ooh nice, I totally might do that! And ooh, I'll go check that out right now, thanks! :)

    6 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    ahh yess the allure of the semicolon. ;)

    this is brilliant!!!

    6 months ago
  • Figwit [HIATUS]

    This is so beautiful! I love the format, too :)

    6 months ago