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this is a poem about no longer knowing someone you grew up with and realising how much the things you learned from them have made you who you are.

i don't know you anymore

April 3, 2021


We haven't seen each other in nearly two years.
Word has it that you've changed a lot.
Strange that we were like a branch and the leaves it wears
But it seems that spring has gone.

You've gone on your way and I'm on mine.
We didn't look back once - apathy, I guess.
Now, I miss you, I can't deny.
But it hurts too much to have regrets.

You helped me to grow the way that I've grown.
There are secrets of mine that you still hold.
To forget you would be like losing myself.

Because the things that you taught me only get louder.
I can see you in everything I encounter.
We grew on a braided path that split in two.

On that Monday in March, I remembered that it was your birthday.
The 29th will always remind me of you.

I thought of you when my friend recommended that show to me.
I never watched it when you told me to.

I remembered how you'd have speed competitions in hallways.
As I learned to solve a Rubik's cube.

I think of you when I walk in the rain, down that back street.
Like when we walked from the museum back to school.

Strange to think that I was right there
When you saw your whole life mapping out.
And when everything I knew waxed and waned
You tethered me to the ground.

And now, it's been two years. You're a stranger.
It's your birthday, and I've never missed you more.
You used to be all I knew but it's time I accept that
I don't know you anymore.


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  • Ava Marie

    This is so beautiful, but so sorrowful. I definitely know this feeling, and they way you wrote it is so perfect

    about 1 month ago