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I write to let out the demons in my mind


“Memory is not what the heart desires; that is only a shadow.” — J. R. R. Tolkien

"If I am really part of your dream, you'll come back one day." - The Alchemist

remember the stars for me

Alaia Quin, Pt. 1

April 3, 2021


At this time on a Friday morning, you could usually find me sipping a cup of coffee, occasionally a mug of black tea, and scouring the news for cinnamon pistachio scone recipes. Okay, not really, but that was more interesting than the truth. Where I definitely was not was in the police station sitting in an interrogation room. Seriously, I thought those things only existed in movies. So much for originality. 
In this operation, I was the sacrificial lamb, so I had to play my part well. It wasn’t hard to feign exhaustion (mostly because I’d been up for more than twenty-four hours) and drift into a haze with my head cushioned on my arms. I jerked upright when the door banged open, then winced because suddenly, I had a splitting headache. Great. 
“Make it quick, gentlemen. You’re intruding on my beauty rest. Looking like this isn’t effortless, you know.” I indicated my tangled bird-nest of a hairdo and my ripped, stained clothing. 
I was met with sizzling hatred from Bob - not his real name; that would be too precious - and disgruntlement from the other officer. I probably looked like some poor little fourteen-year-old in need of good foster parents and some counseling. In reality, I was probably closer to seventeen, but nobody really knew. Despite never having been inside an interrogation room (at least not one quite this impressive), I’d been in here often enough for Bob to have wised up to my games, but the new officer was fresh meat. 
“So, am I under arrest or something?” I asked in a completely innocent voice. “Cause, I have this hair appointment this morning, and I’d really hate to miss it. You know how it is - they’re book for months in advance and it’s nearly impossible to reschedule. I’m already late, but if I could just leave now, at least it should be fashionably so…” I let my voice trail away hopefully, widening my eyes just a little. 
Newbie sat down in front of my table. I felt a little special - I had my own table, like I was at a fair or something. “I’m sorry, Miss. This will just take a minute.”
“So I am under arrest? Wow, Okay. Wow.” The disbelief in my voice was almost believable even to me. “Well, could you tell me what I did? It would make a great story for Instagram tomorrow.” I hunched a little in my seat, making myself smaller and more vulnerable. 
Newbie totally fell for it. “I’m sure we’ll clear this up in just a few minutes. If you could just sit tight and answer a few questions, things will go much quicker.” 
My face twisted into one of worry. “Aren’t I supposed to get a lawyer or something? And a phone call? Oh, and we’re not supposed to tell you anything… I wouldn’t want to get in trouble with my lawyer. I do get one, right?” 
Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Bob’s face grow redder and redder. He hadn’t said a word to me the whole time, and I wanted to know why. Normally he went all “bad-cop” on me. Maybe Newbie was going to be the “good cop” in this scenario. Although, if that were the case, Bob would have spoken up. Something bigger was going on here and I didn’t like it. 
“Really, there’s no need for a lawyer. You’re not under arrest. We just need you to answer a couple of questions, then you can go.” Newbie actually sounded relieved at the prospect of my leaving. Apparently, my fake, girly-girl persona was getting to him. 
“Oh. If that’s the case, I’m sure I can catch you later.” My expression brightened. “I’ve had kind of a long day, and I really have to get to that hair thing.” I unfolded my legs and stood up swiftly. “As fun as it’s been, Bob, I’m outa here. Keep working on those scintillating conversation skills!” 
By now, Bob’s face had turned a nice shade of tomato. It suited him. Just as I was reaching for the door handle, it swung open. Two huge, burly men stepped through, forcing me to back up. They looked like they’d be more at home wearing kilts than suits, but my attention was quickly drawn to the third man. He was tall, still shorter than the first two, with a slender build, dark skin, and dazzling white teeth. The latter I knew because he was currently flashing me a smile so bright it seared my retinas. Only thing was, there was no trace of humor in his smile. Something about this man screamed “predator, top-dog, STAY AWAY or DIE”. 
For the first time since I’d found myself stuck in the back of a patrol car, I felt my heart beating a deadly tempo against my ribcage. This man scared the toothpaste out of me, and I didn’t want to stick around to find out why. Unfortunately, it didn’t look as if I was going to have much choice.
So, I posted a piece on here a couple of months ago that was based on a writing prompt, and I decided I was interesting in continuing and refining it. Let me know if you like it! 
Word count: 842


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  • ~madeline~

    Oi loik it :)

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    Oooh I really do like this! There's lots of mystery and intrigue- let me know if you ever post a sequel! :)

    6 months ago