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I love writing, reading, gaming, running, and debating. I just want to improve my writing skills and hopefully make new connections along the way.

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Welcome to my poem, please let me know what you think could use some improvement, it helps immensely. Have a wonderful day!

My Monster

April 2, 2021


I'm not the best but never less
Then all the feelings I compress
Into these lyrics, lines and rhymes
Every piece I spew from all my time
The sheets with pride, not lies I sign 
And in my heart, such grime I find
But in due time, I start to bind,
Executing the capital crimes
And raise up high all of my kind

I am a monster inside...

That monster isn't fueled by hate 
I tame it so it plays my game 
I feed it so it grows in strength
But keep it locked up, in a cage
Until a sorry soul, gets in my face 

That's what I do inside my mind
All other times, myself you like
Behind that smile lies a ruthless psych
Just don't look past my eyes to find
Or you will wish, you had been blind

To have this control means discipline
Takes time and trips, into darkness
Work on myself and rapport with kin
Along with the sins that I confess
Avoidance, accepting my chagrin 

My darkness never overshadows the light
But making peace with these voices,
Understanding the evil but avoiding a fight
So that I am strong when the time is right 
My monsters rath is now one of my choices,
My cards to play, so no you are not safe
If you ever come and grant me chafe 

But of my kin they'll never be struck 
Or ten times to you who has no luck 
My monster salutes, then runs amok 

I know the mind is a dangerous place 
That's why I drill inside to keep it safe
From all the demons I've tamed within
That control is the cause behind my grin
That's just how I cope with the pain,
I'm sorry but it will never teint 
The place in my mind, I tredge alone
The place in my heart is open, to hone 


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  • psithurism

    Your pieces seem to have this incredible rhythm. I can read them in my head to a beat and they never pause or hesitate, they just play out until the last line, leaving the last word to echo in my brain. Amazing work!

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    Ok lol that was a long message- haha enjoy reading and responding!

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    Your rhymes in this are so seamless and flow so easily! I could really hear someone rapping this because the rhymes are really close together. I also like the concept of having a monster inside but talking about it in a really positive tone like "That monster isn't fueled by hate ". It's a really nice take on having a fire inside. And the beginning I just love because it says that you're more than what you hide inside which is a really strong and important message!
    RE: Thank you so much :)
    And yeah, Malala actually said something I really liked (something along the lines of) those people aren’t part of her religion. I really liked that because I don’t think people who go against the very base beliefs of a religion should really be considered or called part of that religion. (That was really poorly worded but hope you got what I meant haha) Yeah, it really sucks. That’s the whole concept of prejudice explained right there though, a few people and suddenly someone’s whole mindset on a group is set in stone. I mean, really, I think prejudice is what causes the main problems in society (e.g. racism). Thank you for your support :)
    And haha, well to each his own, and I respect you for your beliefs as well! I’m actually taught to learn about all religions so I’ve gone to quite a few church summer camps growing up and I really do love the moral teachings. My mum grew up in London and actually went to a Christian school throughout elementary and high school haha. Also is there anything really big you don’t agree with or something you could tell me because I know there’s actually a lot of beliefs other Muslim sects have that my sect doesn’t agree with haha. (Also I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, I just don’t want you to have misinformation or something haha and if there’s nothing that comes to mind immediately, then never mind :)
    And oooh nice, double meanings are so fun! and ooh, yeah I love wordplay. Making up words is so much fun- I think Shakespeare actually invented a lot! And great, no I actually thought that! I just always make typos so I wasn’t sure haha. Thanks! And yeah, he really is lol, he’s actually a English/Drama teacher lol so that’s why. Oh nice! Self-studying is always fun cause you can go at your own pace. Wait, there’s debate sites/apps? Loll, I’m just part of my school team and occasionally compete when I want to (although COVID has switched it all to Zoom and oh my, it sucks so bad cause I don’t have any energy to be on fire!).
    Hope you’re having a great day!

    5 months ago