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Charlotte Elizabeth Cunningham-Locket

May 20, 2015

PROMPT: Inventory


I live in a life where my world consists of the two things most important to me, 1. My stories and 2. Anything else I concern to be important. The world is broken up into two pieces for me; practical and everyone else. I am the practical and the, everyone else, well, is the, everyone else. I have a brain full of what I like to call 'Charlie's storage of smart things,' and the other part of my brain consists of 'Charlie's compartments of whatzits, thing-a-mabob's and I don't really care.' Most people believe me to be impractical, but I beg to differ, they're the impractical ones. 

Since I was a child I was forced with the unforgiving name of, Charlotte Elizabeth Cunningham-Locket. Why my Mother decided to give me exceedingly long first and middle names all just to 'happily' match my exceedingly longer surname, I will never know. Those questions I don't ask, I find it easier to understand my own opinions rather than the opinions of others. Most people just call me Charlie or Locket; it makes my life somewhat more pleasant. I don't believe my Mother ever thought about how tiring it would be to call out my name when I found myself into trouble; "CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM-LOCKET GET IN HERE!" quite frankly she happily settled with "CHARLIE ELIZABETH!" for that takes less effort. 

Yesterday my teacher decided to give us some homework, she obviously forgot that I am very busy with my story writing, but that's okay I'll forgive her, we all make mistakes. It was the first day back and she asked us if we could take anything in our school back packs, what would we take? I glanced at my friend’s paper, she listed items such as an Ipod and a flat screen TV. I reminded her how heavy it would be to take a TV in her bag so she quickly rubbed it out without any hesitation. 

I stared blankly at my page trying to muster some thoughts. My pencil then knew exactly what to write. I quickly finished my list and handed it back to the teacher. Today however I came home with my marked homework only to find the teacher to my surprise say, "I have to say you have a brilliant way of thinking, well done Charlie!" It was a big surprise; I was expecting more the lines of 'no smart remarks!' 

"What did you put on your list?" My mother asked in astonishment as if she only just found out how amazing I must be. 

"Well..." I began. "I put, a bucket full of knowledge, a packet full of I don't care about your nasty comments, a fresh bowl full of back off! A note book full of my greatest dreams, a document stating all of my qualities and a handful of 'mind your business'" I explained wondering what my mother's reply would be. She simply smiled and gave me a large hug. I didn't understand what was so great about my list. It was just a list of things I would take in my back pack. 

The following day came and my teacher asked me to read my list out to the class. I still will never understand what was so 'great' about my list. I simply just listed the contents in my back pack. Boy! Have I got a lot more to put in that back-pack! 

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