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May 14, 2015

PROMPT: Walking


She walked with an awkward waddle, weight shifting from one leg to another. The faded jeans that yelled "HAND-ME-DOWNS" made no attempt to look fashionable at the least or act as a distraction from her strange walk. Her feet didn't help at all- instead it made the picture seen all the more fitting. Reminiscent of a duck's wide foot, her pale complexion of never exposed skin shone like the water in which her feet seemed to be made for. Splat as it went down, one-two up-down, splat one-two up-down the hallways, making a moist sound in its mesmerizing rhythmic music. She didn't bother to soften her walk or hasten down the long hallway in fear of being ridiculed. On the contrary, she deliberately stomped her left foot on the ground and then her right, with a certain determination to saunter slowly as if to say "FUCK CONFORMITY BULLSHIT". And to emphasize her declaration, the loud smacking of her slippers on the dirty, waxed floors screeched "BITCH I'M BRING YOU DOWN" on every step, one-two up-down, one-two up-down one-two up-down ONE-TWO UP-DOWN ONE TWO UP DOWN ONETWOUPDOWN-silence. The lone slipper of her right foot ejected far above her head, sailing through the open air of the catacombs of the hallway, all in slow motion and BAM! Thirty feet ahead of her the slipper laid, limp and lifeless although an already inanimate object. She stood still in her place, legs apart in an awkward half step, reciprocating the lifeless stare back at the slipper. Brick walls stopped holding each other, lights flickered in panic, tiny flies paused midair in front of the gates of hell, all waiting anxiously for a sign of defeat, waiting for her tail to meekly lower between her rather thick legs. Then, like a broken toy suddenly working after a decade of hiatus in the dusty attic, she suddenly jerked forward and proceeded her walk, slapping her naked foot again the cold, dirt ridden hallway floor, parallel to the motion of an uncooked sirloin red meat being slapped onto a sickly hot pan. Everything became normal at once as her cheeks radiated with the warmth of the summer sun, resuming her waddle to the open door to the fresh air of the first blooming arms of tulips somewhere far away. 


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