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Hope you like my writing its mostly love story and depresing stuff mostly pulled out of books and movies mixed with some personal experience.

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A letter to the one from my dreams

March 30, 2021


I didn't know if this letter would ever be to a person or just an idea but I think I can happily say that this is to a person so here goes nothing. I first met you in fifth grade on a soccer field it was at the YMCA we were on the same team we always had a rivalry playful of course, It made me push harder now I do it for different reasons now it's for the future I want to share with you and hopefully our future family. It's been an up and down year one month and 24 days but were still her someone whole everyday you fill me with love and joy. You are the most gorgeous, lovable, kind, smart, funny, caring, understanding, affectionate, and amazing person I've ever met. You make me feel better everyday now more than ever you're miles away but you still find ways to help. God we could talk for hours on end and I know I would love it, talk about, friends, our crazy families, and how much we obsess over and love the other. I never knew if I would ever find the girl of my dreams but now that I found you I don't want to let go because when you found the person you dream about best not let go. 
I didn't know what to write about but I figured it out and btw therapy wasn't to bad just looking forwards to getting better love y'all so much <3 


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  • Jason_claire :)

    I don't want to make anything worse by texting you back. I don't want to hurt you anymore and I'm in no mental headspace to say anything worth reading. I'm not trying to ignore you but I can't be in that right now.

    about 1 month ago
  • Spade

    That's great! The therapy, I mean.

    about 1 month ago