Kelsie Shaw

I'm a current junior in college majoring in English, with a concentration in Creative Nonfiction. I hope someday to teach English, as well as publish my work (hopefully books!).

10 Second Essays

May 14, 2015

1. I think shame is relative. One person's shame is another's pride.

2. People are always going to disappoint you, especially the ones you had the most faith in not to.

3. I believe people are capable of weilding immense power over each other. That terrifies me.

4. Anxiety happens when your body knows it's about to do something courageous.

5. Perhaps the sane people are the ones who see the world for what it is, and have no desire to take part.

6. To allow yourself to feel, really feel, anything, is an incredible act of rebellion.

7. Playing Chopin was the most beautiful way I could think to tell the world I no longer wanted to live.

8. Time does not heal all wounds. I say, you merely learn to live with the scars.

9. Never have I felt more like a child than when I cried in my father's arms.

10. I love words too much to waste them.

I didn't really want these to be aphoristic like the examples, so I wrote them more like a super condensed personal essay. Flash nonfiction, perhaps.


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