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Hi! Thank you so much for checking out my piece! It's just a short piece that I thought I'd write since I had some free-time. Hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to leave any feedback you may have! All of your comments are so helpful! Have a fantastic day :)

Dear Home, Sincerely Me

March 30, 2021

Dear Home, 

You're not just a place located on a map
Instead, you are the sound of my friends' laughs
You are the flourishing smell of unpredictability 
And that abundant sense of safety
You are the vessel, holding hope and assurance
For when I need strength, you give me endurance
You are my brother bouncing the ball in the backyard 
And the cheering of the sidelines when I do well as a guard
You are the slobbery greetings from my loving pets
And peaking mountains paired with aesthetic sunsets 

You are the encouraging words my mother speaks 
And those perfect-for-swimming July weeks
You are the slumber parties I wish would come again 
And deliciously warm chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven
You are the high-fives my Dad gives every time I lose or win 
And the glorious days I spend with family and friends
You are moments I share that are worth making a scrapbook of 
But above all, you are love 
Thank you for all you do
Life wouldn't be close to how beautiful it is, without you




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  • Nyla

    Awwww this is so sweet! And it's a great insight into what's important to you! The rhyming is awesome and I love how you made this into a letter!! That was so cool! I love how you say it's the scrapbook things! And the ending is just awwwww!! RE: Aww thank you so much again!! And haha and yess, it is so yummy! Although terribly sweet! And haha yeah, omg I actually baked an eggless chocolate cake once and it was the yummiest chocolate cake!! (It was a depression era cake XD) And haha! Omg wait, that’s so sweet! And good! Ok, I forsake my old answer… ok fineee I’ll tell you! I would go back in time to the 80s to live and breathe in all the fashion, music, and non-tech heavy era!! And if the 1800s were good for women, I would totally go to 1800s London so I could write fancy like Jane Austen and wear the beautiful ballgowns!!

    6 months ago