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My Mom and Dad Went Out

March 30, 2021


I don't remember when I last saw them.

It was a warm evening. Mom said she was going out with Dad for important business work. I asked them when they would be home, and they said they'd try to be home as soon as possible.

They always give me a spare set of keys when they have to go out and leave me at home alone. I lost the keys this time. Mom told me there was fruit for me on the table, and that I would have to eat the whole bowl before they would come home. I couldn't do that either. The fruits tasted weird, bitter.

I'm not able to open the windows. They're locked shut. I really want to find my keys, but I've looked around the whole house. I don't know where else to look.

I'm scared Mom and Dad will scold me for not eating my fruit and losing my spare keys. 

But I'm even more terrified of why Mom and Dad aren't home yet.

I have played with all my toys. Little Suzy, Margaret Elephant, and Kristen Bear. I even took out the rabbit mantelpiece Mom told me not to touch, and I played with it. I also wore all my pretty dresses to look in the mirror and tell myself how pretty I am.

I also saw and tried to talk to the pretty woman who came to the house not long after Mom and Dad went out. 

She just entered the house and I thought she was my nanny. Nanny would be so much fun to play with! My parents would never get me a nanny. All my friends had one. 

She cooks delicious food for me and cleans my room for me and does everything Mom does. But she never talks to me. She is so pretty and looks like a Barbie doll.

I have done so much since Mom and Dad went out. I think it's time for them to come home already. Even though they will scold me for not eating my fruit and losing my keys. I want to show them my papercrafts and the makeup I put on Suzie and the pretty dress my nanny knitted for me. 

I wish she would talk to me.

I wish my parents would come home.


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