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"perhaps one day / we will meet again / as characters in / a different story, / maybe we'll share / a lifetime then." ~pavana

best wishes & my heart are always sent your way.
i love you.

VHS Tapes

March 29, 2021

PROMPT: Memory Object


fat-fingered daughter pushes the tape in the VCR, an act that'll
grow as she does; and those disney princess movies were reruns
anyway, they're no glittery remakes.

& she'll reminiscent about it, her fingers leaving prints on a window,
sitting in the back seat of the truck her father adores as much as her;
you'll never know, what it's like, holding a second job on weekends 
'cause your papa needs help when your brother's not around.

ordinary norms becoming incomprehensible stories, i was five years
old when i fell for prince charming; back when i believed in fairy
tale beginnings with clear cut endings.

careful, remembering not enough means loosening the tape
& your papa won't rewind it.
let's shift this writing to a new direction; nostalgia's a sickness, i'm infected.


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