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I'm mostly writing for fun, although it would be really cool to publish something. Most worked on book i have right now is The Gryphon Chronicles (Im a co author with my friend)

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I'm not sure where to go or what to fix with this. Some feedback would be great!

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March 29, 2021


How could he do this?!  Furiously, Amber threw a crystal vase holding the flowers her father had left her. She knew that he would marry her off for power eventually, but before she had even been born? This is absurd! And he hadn’t even bothered to let them meet before now. The only thing she knew about her now fiancée were his name was Zacos Gunnel. His name rang a bell, having been whispered by the ladies of the court, who had nothing better to do than gossip. They said his talents as a charmer had an effect like no other. 

Well, Amber Maris Laurier wasn’t one to swoon. Court life had never been for her. When she had been a child, her mother had joked that a witch had traded her child for theirs, leaving them with a witchling more interested in climbing trees than dinner parties. Speaking of her mother….

“Amber, are you alright?” Her mother’s soft voice had always calmed her, an opposite effect than her fathers grating, self entitled drawl. 

“Yes mother, I'm fine.” The lie was laughable at best. The muffled creaking of her door agreed. The sheets shifted as her mother sunk into them Sighing, she settled in next to her. Running an absent hand through her ebony hair, her mother’s quiet side took over.

“I never agreed with it you know,” She started. “I wanted you to have a choice, unlike I did. But Zacos’s family and your father insisted, and so a deal was settled upon.”

“Most people give up some of their free will when they marry. I never got any.” Amber huffed. She had never understood why they called her Amber, considering her pale skin, dark hair, and green eyes. When she had asked about it one day, her mother had brushed it off until that night coming into her room with a few sweet treats as well. She had explained that natural amber came from tree sap, which had hardened over time. Even before she was old enough to remember, her mother explained that every chance she got, Amber would race outside, to play in the trees, chasing imaginary faeries. And when she tripped and fell, or got hurt, she wouldn't cry. She simply got up again, and kept chasing. Amber was strong, and came from nature, just like her namesake. 

After they sat in silence for a while, the moon light creeping across the floor, her mother broke the silence. 

“I’m not letting you marry someone you don’t know. Someone you don't love.” Her mother stood, opening the window onto the balcony. 

“Mother, what do you mean?”

“Do you remember those lessons you asked for? The fencing, the botany, the fighting?” When she turned from the pale moon, a new fire sparked in her eyes.

“Of course I do why?” Curiosity laced Amber’s words, and she stood as well. Her mother began moving quickly, grabbing a satchel and packing a variety of traveling things.

“You are going to get out of here. Tonight.” Her tone was hushed, and Amber remembered the possibility of the guards posted outside of her rooms. They couldn’t hear anything but a yell for help, but even so, her mother would take no chances. Her husband and Amber's father would have her mother killed for speaking this way. Amber rushed to help, but hesitated.

“Mother, won't he hurt you?” Amber sounded small, and she hated it. 

“Oh don't be silly. I won't be here. I’m leaving too.”


“You think I'd stay here? HA! Your father can kiss my- well- you know.” Her mother had never even breathed a curse, much less let it almost slip in front of her own daughter. Perhaps she didn’t know her was well as she thought. Her mother shoved the now full satchel at her, then rushed over to her bed. On the wall next to it, she opened one of the old passages connecting some of the rooms. Amber had used it as a child when she had a nightmare. 

“I’ll collect my things, then we can leave together, ok?” Her mother flashed a smile before her swishing dress disappeared down the hallway. Amber stood, stunned for a moment, then whirled into action. Ripping off her gown, she left it on the floor, then shoved her pants on. After tugging on the rest of her clothes, she grabbed a cloak just as her mother walked back through. Her parents had never slept together, so her father would have no reason to suspect them til the next morning, and by then they would be long gone. Grabbing her sheets, she began to rip them into strips, while
her mother tied the ends together.

Soon they had a long rope, and once tied to Amber’s bed, they flung it out the window. Amber’s mother told Amber to go down first, that way she could grab the rope if it broke or the bed moved. Slipping over the railing, Amber grabbed hold of the rope, and turned to look back at her mother. They both jumped as muffled shouts and banging came from the first room in Amber’s chambers. Her mother’s face paled, as she raced to it, slamming the latch into place.

“Amber, go.” She strained against the door, which groaned under the weight of soldiers now ramming against it. 

“But, Mother-”

“NOW! As soon as you’re down, I'll follow. I swear. NOW GO!” Amber hated herself for it, but she went down as her mother had asked. She knew her mother would not be following her as she heard the doors start cracking and splintering. The sheets slid through her fingers, smoother than the course rope she was used to in her survival classes. Her eyes search the area around her, checking for any guards sent to chase her. She had no idea how they knew about
their plan, but she did not intend to find out, or get caught. For her mother

The house was set up in a curved shape, looking like a horse shoe. Meaning that Amber could clearly see the figure descending in a fashion not unlike her own from their own balcony across the courtyard. The figure appeared tall, with a cloak billowing around them. Cloth covered their lower face, their hood pulled low, leaving only their eyes. As if they could feel Amber’s stare, they glanced up. Chilly blue eyes gazed back at emerald ones, then they looked back down. Amber and the stranger reached the ground at the same time, and they both bolted for the stables. 

Reaching each other, Amber now saw that the figure had a masculine form, and indeed quite tall.
When they approached the stables, a horse already stood, waiting in full tack for its rider. The strange man hopped on, then hesitated. Amber raced into the barn, waking the slumbering horses. Grabbing her bridle off the hook, she moved to her stallion’s stall. The dark red steed greeted her softly, and she quickly had the bridle fastened around his fine head. Her mother and her would often ride out to the lakes around the estate, then rip off the cumbersome saddles,
and ride how they wished, so Amber held no fear as she leaped upon her stallion’s back. 

Dashing out of the stable doors, Amber found that the stranger had waited for her. Odd. But she didn’t question it as they speeded towards the gates. The large wrought iron doors stood, but as they got closer, the alarm had set off, and the guard tower was closing them. 
“Faster Dantee, Faster!” Amber urged her steed. The stallion thundered across the courtyard, and swept between the gates. The mysterious man followed after them on his flea bitten mare. They raced through the row of trees that lined the driveway, blurring as they passed. 
Not really sure where to take this. It was off a writing prompt that got me really inspired 


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  • Ava Marie

    This is really cool!! I love the concept, you should definitely keep going!

    about 1 month ago