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let me explain to you why bts is so important to society so you don't sound ignorant

March 29, 2021


Who is BTS?
    Time explains BTS as " the biggest boy band in the world, topping charts and setting records." What kind of records? Well, fr starters, they've broken records set by Michael Jackson, the Beatles, and One Direction all in the span of a few years. On paper, there is no one who matches them. But don't just take my word for it. Look at the facts: BTS has won 252 awards since their debut in 2013. With this knowledge, let's look at American superstars, One Direction, Ariana Grande, and The Weeknd. These are all people who are considered to be "idols" in America; they are household names. Ariana has a total of 158 awards, The Weeknd has 9 awards, and One Direction has 242 awards in total. Only One Direction has come close to the number BTS has. Their total net worth is over $60 million. Still not convinced? Let's move onto the boys themselves.
    BTS is made up of seven members. Leader Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook. Even though they are millionaires, and arguably in the biggest boy band of all time, they stay humble and relatable. Namjoon has repeatedly said, "Life has many unpredictable issues, problems, dilemmas. But if you admit it… I think the most important thing to live well [is to] be yourself. We’re still trying to be us.” BOOM. Tell me still don't have respect for him, albeit grudgingly. Their entire theme is built upon protecting younger generations from the unrealistic expectations of society. The one rule they have for their entire fanbase is to love themselves. Society spends so much money and time telling us all the ways we are disappointments; BTS does the exact opposite. They encourage one to be oneself, regardless of what others may say.
    Okay, so I'm still sensing some doubt. You're saying, "sure, they're all great. But why do YOU care so much? They're just people; why are you so attached?" I'm so glad you asked. I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder when I was thirteen. However, I knew this before. I clearly remember the day I had my first anxiety attack. It was lunch, and my heart squeezed. My chest was pounding and my hands were trembling and I was sweating. I couldn't breathe very well. Being ten years old, I honestly thought I was going to die. I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in a stall. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't control the shaking of my hands, so I did what any ten year old would do. I cried. My best friend found me later. This being 2014, she handed me her iPod. She played 0!RUL8,2?, which was a BTS album. It was the first time I had heard anything like it. I went home that day and googled it. Reading the lyrics for Tomorrow for the first time, it was like someone understood me and saw me. "I have a long way to go but why am I running in place? I scream out of frustration but the empty air echoes." That was the moment I knew I was going to stand by their sides for as long as I could, and there is nothing I regret about it, even seven years later.
    So, I hope this peice has opened your eyes to what the hype is surrounding BTS if you weren't already aware. In the words of King Min Yoongi, "Love yourself, love myself. Peace."
okay so this is lowkey a rant because this girl in my class just said that bts doesn't add anything to our society at all and that people only listen to their music because they're attractive. i won't lie i got really worked up about this (obviously) so here is an explanation for all of those Julias out there because uggghhhh she is so lucky we were on zoom. okay have an amazing day :)
also absolutely no hate to any of the artists mentioned; i just wanted to have reference points! they're all very talented!


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  • Rohan’s Defender

    Re: awwwwwwww! Thank you so much for the comment!
    I totally understand what you mean about aiming to help others through writing. You’re really brave to be so open and honest about your anxiety. Thank you; yes, it’s nice to talk to another member of the Bangtan family. :)
    I was actually thrilled to find your rant, heheh, because I love reading ones I can relate to. I get so mad too when people I know say bad things about BTS, so I totally get it. I’m glad you enjoyed my rant, and it didn’t bother you even though it was like a mini book. XD I’m always here if you need someone to talk to someone. Have an amazing day too! :)
    (Ps. Who’s your bias?)

    about 1 month ago
  • Rohan’s Defender

    Okay, first off ahhhh thank you for writing this! I’m sure writing about your anxiety attack was very personal, so thank you. I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve struggled with anxiety since I was really young too. It’s extremely difficult to feel misunderstood; I am lucky enough to have a family that is supportive, but even just feeling like people don’t get what you’re going through can be really rough. But BTS is there for people like that, and it’s their goal to show teens that they aren’t alone. I totally agree that they have helped so many teens learn to be themselves in a world where everyone has self-doubt. I don’t necessarily agree with every single thing they do, but I mean, they’re HUMAN! We all have flaws, but the fact that they don’t try to hide them says something about who they are.
    Secondly, their music is inspiring. People do not just listen to them because of their looks. I mean, I’m not gonna lie, they’re all gorgeous, but I would still listen to their songs even if they weren’t. Their music can lift people up when they’re feeling down, and THAT is what they contribute to society. Plus, how did they even manage to stay that humble when they’re all millionaires?!
    AND even though they’re all so talented and famous, they don’t just have a fan base. ARMY isn’t a fan base; it’s a family. BTS stays so loving and connected to all their fans in a personal way, and that’s so unique and amazing.
    I don’t dislike people who don’t like BTS. Everyone has their own opinions. But as a girl who has felt judged by her extended family for a long time, BTS makes me remember that I can be myself and not let mean comments bother me. So I love them, and I use the music as a way to encourage myself more.
    I totally understand getting defensive and upset when someone says something mean about something/someone you love. It’s happened to me soooo much (even by people who are related to me!). But like BTS says, we should keep being ourselves.
    Thank you for enduring my rant.... :) Hope you’re doing well, and I’m always happy to talk if you ever want to.
    #ARMYFam! <3

    about 1 month ago
  • ChimChim_1

    Re: Aww, thank you! I enjoy your comments to:3:3 I totally agree with this writing. I mean BTS literally went to rags to riches, let's not forget how they gave 1 million dollars to the BLM funding, and also ARMY. And how Suga for his Birthday gave Over a -thousand dollars for kids in need + (Most of their music is not about drugs, love, etc it really about how they move on or love themselves and how you should love yourself or how life goes on UwU) ANyWay, BTS is overall a BIG HELP to society, tbh if somebody has a problem with them...Im gonna say I'm so sorry for this FAKE LOVE!!

    about 1 month ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Ugh yes so true. I know you didn’t mean offense but for me Ariana, I just can’t..she’s a “feminist” but she does not act like one at all unlike Beyoncé whom I love :)
    Re: Oh haha. Nice.

    about 1 month ago
  • Tachi

    Re: You seem like a nice person :>

    about 2 months ago
  • ArtCat

    This is such a fun read! I have soo many friends who love BTS and this helped me understand them more! Even though I'm not a huge fan, I think all artists who have this big of an impact on people are great artists! XD

    about 2 months ago