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March 29, 2021


I don't know what love is
but I know what it's like to be loved
it's a tight hug from the girl you babysat since she was three
it's sour cream and onion chips from your friend when it's that time
it's a gift card to your favorite music shop
it's aspen wood chopsticks from your grandmother
it's the entire album set of Love Yourself: Tear for Christmas
it's dark chocolate from your best friend on valentine's day
it's true crime discussions with your mom
it's playing the guitar alongside your brother's xylophone
it's harmonizing baby shark with your baby cousin
it's the dog sitting in your lap while you read a book
it's your dad bringing you a chai tea latte when you're sick
it's your nannie giving you dozens of brownie recipes to try
I don't know what love is
but for these people,
I'll try to find out.


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  • katnissromanoff

    This was so heart-warming. The examples were specific, though I think that most everyone could relate to them. Wonderful job!

    about 1 month ago
  • Kasilee

    Exactly! Love is not always just romantic its the love we have for the people close to us the people we think about, talk to, spend time with, everyday.

    about 1 month ago
  • GraceWritesTheWorld

    Beautiful, gave me goosebumps~ I love this!

    about 1 month ago