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hey guys! I honestly don't know what I'm writing but I'll write it anyway. I follow back ;)
"The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better."
-Stephen King
"Better terrible truths than kind lies."- Leigh Bardugo
"Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars." -J.R.R. Tolkien
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March 29, 2021


"What's it like?"
"What's it like... to have depression?"
"It's like drowning, but everyone around you can breathe."

first of all, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented and liked my piece "grabbing ashes". you guys really helped me, and gave me some things to think about and keep in mind. I love all you guys so freaking much.
second of all, I came up with this at 1 am because I couldn't go to sleep, and it's kinda inspired by something I saw on my fyp on tik tok. it's also inspired by my mother, who, yet again, made me feel worthless yesterday. yay.
third of all, I'm gonna take a hiatus for a couple days, maybe a week. I know I haven't been keeping up with Solomon Academy, it's cause I have to write a 7 page research paper, and it's taking up all my time. So, if you guys want me to look at any of your pieces, or need to rant, just leave a comment and I promise I'll get back to you by Saturday or Sunday.



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  • Nikki

    omg kathryn!!! this is beautiful!! so well put! :)

    6 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Oh Kat. Take all the time you freaking need I’m here for you always my friend. I hate that your mom makes you feel that way, but all of us here think you’re an amazing writer, person, and friend! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. My problems seem so kindergarten compared to yours, and once again you’re amazing in every way Kat!! I’ll be waiting here for you with several chapters of A “Real” Girl (hopefully) and here if you need to rant or talk. (This is super long now sry XD but YOU ARE AMAZING!) <3333333

    6 months ago
  • happygiggles

    Beautiful writing, and a perfect definition of what it is like to have depression. I recently read "My Heart and Other Black Holes," in which Aysel, the female protagonist, describes depression as the Black Slug in the pit of her stomach, this piece reminded me of that. Take all the time you need, your mental health comes above all else at the minute, so make sure to prioritize it <3

    6 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Wow this is--amazing. I can honestly relate to this sometimes.
    Take all the time you need. We'll be here when you come back :)
    And please don't listen to what your mother says. You matter so much to me. You are amazing, you are wonderful, you are loved :D keep it up!!!

    6 months ago
  • ✧♬TwinklingLights♬✧

    take all the time you need

    6 months ago