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I am AnOnYmOuS to all mankind, accept to those that I'm not,
then doesn't that mean that I'm not anonymous to all mankind, something to think about.
Y'all can call me ket

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Two voices one month.... :×

March 29, 2021


I got two songs playing in my head.

A song of the hero, the one who saves the world and that type of stuff

And then the song of a person who just needs a little, needs to know what it's like to stand again.

I just need to find myself!

I'm looking for ways out, trying to be someone or just even something else.
Unable to find the peace in me

I fought all the battles I can handle.
Now I'm looking for ways out, I can't fight anymore but I'm not ready to expect who I might be.

I just need to find myself!

But I gotta be the one to go out there, I have to save them all. The one who's not afraid to risk herself to put her life on the line.
 But I've already did, but is that the same? Dose that make sense?
 Oh my my heart is speeding up, my pulse is out of control.
I'm starting to go nume losing all feelings, someone please... Come... Save.... Us/me

(running running running )

 I'm held to this wall, im the knot in the rope, trying to hold myself together.

I just need to find myself!

Can I be that hero? Is that how it works? Or do I have to work for it?? All the tails and stories never tell you how to be the hero, are you not supposed to know? Find it in yourself, is all you hear, but how, how do you get a hero out of peaces. How, how do you build one out of nothing.

(running running running )

Don't worry I've been told, your not alone, but people die.  Don't die fighting my battles,  but what if your not strong enough.  you have to fight your own battles. 

Please don't leave me! I'll save you!
Wait this doesn't make sense.  Bring it back.  But I'm tired of of holding back!

(Away Away Away)

How, how do I save us/me all?
Two birds one stone its not that simple.
All these puns and analogy, can't you just give me an a answer?

How do I be the hero when I wanna be the one to run.
I keep trying to pull it out just to find you don't have it in you, the answer.
I wrote this as if it was a song if that helps the confusion.   Never could find the right Melody for it so sing it how ever you think is best.  
forgive me if there's any miss spells 


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