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Just Outside My Window

March 28, 2021

Prompt: a description of what your window overlooks (by Bhavya's Treasure)

One lamppost, tall and straight
it stands
A lone century, keeping watch
Guarding my window with its fiery glow

The tree next to it, leafless but not lifeless
Spindly branches casting shadows on the sidewalk
Reaching upwards and outwards,
searching for something lost to the night

Piercing headlights turn the corner
The lone car rumbles down the deserted street
Red taillights wink at me in the darkness
before rounding the bend and disappearing

A full moon framed in misty, wispy clouds
casting a haunting glow
upon the silent street
Delightfully foreboding
Sometimes all you need is a quick grab bag prompt to get your creative juices flowing before bedtime ;)
(And now that the creativity is coming, maybe I'll get the motivation to finish one of the many pieces currently sitting as a draft here in my portfolio...)


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