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So this is loosely based on my own experience of London (my mum's side of the family live there)
If you didn't know: "Oysters" are travel cards so you use them to pay for public transportation and "wellies" means rainboots.
Please let me know if it's confusing or choppy- peer reviews are always appreciated. And if there's a piece you have that you would like reviewed, I'm always happy to!
Hope you enjoy :))


March 29, 2021


Tiny cobblestone streets filled with pubs, butchers, and bakers wind for miles around quaint, cozy, two-story homes filled with more people than plausible and on whose doorstep sit two beautiful glass bottles of fresh milk. Voices with pitches going up and down, every sentence a rollercoaster of sound yell, “Fresh vegetables, 2 pounds” on every street corner. Following those voices inside, eyes will fall upon a small building stuffed to the brim with sweets, crisps, and sodas, vegetables, loaves of bread, and racks of newspapers. A commuter will top up his Oyster with the last heavy coins sitting at the bottom of his tweed jacket pocket. He’ll run outside to catch the double-decker before it leaves, whipping past dozens of pedestrians rushing to their destinations, wielding large black umbrellas and dressed in bright yellow wellies as a defense against the abominable rain clouds appearing for the tenth time that day.

The jostling bus will have no seats left for the pregnant woman with two babies in a stroller but three strangers will offer her their seat and move out of the stroller/wheelchair parking to hang on for dear life at another red handhold swinging from the ceiling. Bodies will bump into one another and kids will fall, fingers poked into Ringolos breaking away with the collision and layering the multicolored speckled floor with crumbs. Schoolkids will exit the bus in their blazers and ties, with orange Lucozades in their hands and chocolate buttons in their lunches. A pre-recorded, pleasant, feminine voice will call out Piccadilly Circus among other stops, and passengers will exchange with weary travelers in a blurred fraction of a minute. A few youngsters or downtown workers will attempt to climb the stairs before the vehicle is once again in motion to enjoy the heightened scenery and silence. Without fail, gravity will catch one of them in the middle of their voyage, jerked backward as the wheels resume turning. But the chosen one will have been holding the banister in preparation to swing themselves forward once again and ascend the remaining narrow steps two at a time.

Slowly the bus will empty as it reaches the end of its line and passengers or young children will press the red "STOP" buttons, braille imprinting their fingers, to indicate leaving or boredom. Five children and two adult women will vacate their seats, leaving behind a hat and read newspapers to traverse the one-way streets on foot till they find the flat they’re looking for. They will be greeted with an exchange of pleasantries and the presenting of gifts; a necklace, a princess dress, and jeweled pens. As the second-eldest sips tea with the adults and slips outside to run around with the kids, she knows she has found her home away from home.

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  • aaliyahh

    omg this piece is absolutely amazing!! the words you use makes me feel like i'm there (i wish i was XD)..great job!! i love it! <3
    re: sorry for responding late! history has been kicking my butt but i'm all good now :) i have not tried scones with clotted cream buttt....it sounds AMAZING! are there any particular flavors you like or is it just one flavor?? i should try to find them at like world market or something lol..my parents named him flokki because of a show they used to watch..i think...i believe it's called game of thrones, i'm not sure if it's that show, or another show haha..and omg!! there's not a lot of canadian shows?? i wonder how different canada is from the u.s..i mean it couldn't be too different since you probably have the same shows we have! and omg that's awful!! i remember i had a season pass to six flags and luckily it was only closed for a few months because i went last july :)) and yes i LOVEE big rollercoasters.. there's this one called mr. freeze and you go really fast, you go upside down, and even get to this one part where you go backwards...it's awesome! what about you? what kind of roller coasters do you like? i've never had a beaver tail..(sounds interesting) but funnel cakes YES! they have funnel cakes at six flags but they are always SOOOO long. it's impossible XD and yes the 80's are so amazing!! my family members show me pictures from the 80's sometimes and tbh i get jealous haha, everyone looks so happy and the style was adrobs! and OMG the victorian era??? i see so many movies with that style and it seems so beautiful and elegant..even the houses are just so unique and magical looking. but yes i agree, it wasn't the best era for women..and the writing in a fancy way..XD that would be a dream. i've never heard of Jane Austen but i'll be sure to check her out! and haha thank you for the reassurance! i bet i'll have a great time in highschool (as long as i have culinary and volleyball) :))
    hmmmm....i'm trying to think of what else to talk about haha! if you could meet any celebrity, who would you meet?? honestly that's kind of a hard question lol; i feel like all of us have like a million favorite celebrities, and it's hard to choose one! but have a good day!! and i'll respond sooner this time i promise DX

    6 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    This is beautiful! The amount of detail is absolutely gorgeous! Re: Thank you so much! I really appreciate that UwU And no problem, haha yes it is! :P

    6 months ago
  • Jay Shortz

    Re: Thanks so much I can't wait to read it!
    This is amazing I love the detail and yet it's not overwhelming to the point of boredom lol. Seriously you wrote this really well! To have so much but keep it captivating throughout is really hard so good job :)

    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: ah yes I have come to find that olive on pizza = :)))

    Woah I love this so much! It’s been ages since I’ve been to London, and I’m even missing bus rides, so this was so fun to read! You’ve definitely captured the setting so perfectly, right down to everyone leaping out of their seats to give them up for a pregnant woman :D
    Also rAinbOoTs jdjsksks I can’t stop laughing

    6 months ago