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A Dance in the Garden

April 2, 2021


Queen Clarrisa wandered the garden, breathing in the soothing scent of flowers. The headache she'd felt lingering at her temples all day had faded in the quiet and she could enjoy the evening without having to worry about royal decrees, or laws, or loopholes, or finding a worthy consort to sit beside her on the throne.
    The stones lining the path beneath her feet were a comfort and she remembered walking along the path with her father, only a few long months ago.
    She opened her eyes and smiled as she caught sight of a guard. He had longish hair that probably barely passed for allowable within the guard and, the few times she'd managed to see his face, the stunning hazel eyes captured every part of her attention. He was always standing at attention and seemed so focused on his job. She smiled and continued on the path to him.
    "Would it kill you to relax?" she teased the stiff-backed guard, bending slightly to catch his eye.
    "Probably," the guard replied. "Likely, it would kill you, too. That's rather the point, Your Majesty."
    A smile flashed across Clarrissa's young face. "I'll risk it," she said, holding out her hand. "Dance with me."
    The guard broke away from his watch and glanced down at her hand and then up at Clarrissa, unsure. She smiled reassuringly at him. Sighing, he took her hand and put his other on her waist. His hands fell perfectly into place, comfortable in a way Clarissa hadn't felt in a long while.
    Clarissa laughed loudly as he spun her around on the garden path, her worries fading even more. The guard found himself smiling back at her while she felt something warm inside her. It made her bubbly.
    It was joy.
    She hadn't felt that in a while.
    "See," the young queen said, slightly breathless- whether from the dance or the joy, she didn't know. "I told you it'd be fun."
    The guard nodded. "Indeed, you did."
    Clarissa spun, her red dress billowing out around her. She twirled back into the guard's arms, smiling widely. "Okay. So, you know my name. What's yours?"
    "Kai," Clarissa said softly, thoughtfully.
    Their dancing slowed and, after a few circles, stopped. Kai let go of Clarissa and she curtsied to him while he bowed deeply.
    "Thank you, Kai, for that amazing dance," Clarissa said. She smiled again, barely suppressing a grin, and Kai caught the way the corners of her eyes crinkled.
    "You're welcome, Your Majesty." He let a small smile slip through and her's widened.
    "Isa," she said. "Call me Isa."
    Kai nodded. "Isa, then."
    Clarissa began walking away, looking like an echo of the sunset to Kai as the last of the sun's rays touched her. She stopped and turned back, waving. "See you tomorrow!" she yelled.
    Kai waved back and she walked away. He knew his supervisor would not be happy with him, but seeing Isa's smile made it completely worth it.
Hey! This is the edited version! I hope you like it! I added a lot more detail (hopefully)!


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  • ArtCat

    I love this!!! You convey the emotions perfectly!

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    AWWWW I love this revised version so much!! (although it was amazing before as well) You just added an amazing backstory and perfect emotions and just wow, I was really into this! Great job!!

    6 months ago
  • SamRose

    Re: Tysm!

    6 months ago