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her music that moves me

March 28, 2021


I want to dance free like Florence
Bare-foot with dawn red hair flowing in such freedom staring down sound itself
I want to play like sister Rosetta 
And feel my threatboard fingers bleed with the soul that she displays 
I want to write lyrics like Nora 
And create a love so deep it would bring even the toughest to their knees weeping
I want to sing like Aretha 
And reduce a whole room to a spinning feel with simply the air i expel 
I want to move like Carol King 
And send the earth to buckle beneath people who are sent by her chords to dance and sing
I want to hold the soft fury that is felt by Nina 
When she commands a room with mad beauty that screams in silent agony 
‘I wish I knew how it would feel to be free’ 
These are my favorite women artists who i love so dear and whose music keeps my life truly happy.
Florence and the machine, Sister Rosetta, Nora Jones, Aretha Franklin, Carol King, and Nina Simone 


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