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Hot liquid broke through the tiny pores of his pale skin,
and his heart assumed the excellence of a drunk drummer.
LubDub, LubDub!
Quickly, It was coming again,
This time with phenomenal force.
LubDub, LubDub!
With the piercing voice aroused,
demanding and tormenting.
LubDub, LubDub!
Suddenly, time paused,
existence and reality were stuck in a realm of insignificance.
LubDub, LubDub!
As his eyelids embraced each other, he took a deep breath,
He alone knew what to do.
LubDub, LubDub!
With the stealth of an African gazelle,
He found solace in the sleekness of his ballpoint.
LubDub, LubDub!
Now his eyelids parted to reveal glowing eyeballs,
like a god he penned till the heavens called a truce.


March 28, 2021


Hours have come to be
When the bells in the dome of our being
Click tick tock in regards to our bids 
And the still waters in us which has been
Harken it's reverberance as our beat
This phenomenon is not a bead
Unless you shun the buzz of the bee
Many a time it is for the best to be
Tranquillity of heart soul and being

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  • amaryllis

    woah cool word!

    about 1 month ago