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Message to Readers

and you, my friend, where do you keep your dreams?
what are your dreams? your far-flung hopes, your wishful thinking, your whispers in the back of your mind? what wild and beautiful, seemingly unreachable dreams do you have?
i don't mean the kind you use in automatic response when people ask what you want to do or what you aspire to. Not simply saying, "I'd like to be a writer," or "I want to act in movies," or "I want to run a business or a ministry or a charity," or "I want to start a family." Delve deeper. Do you want to shake up how readers think, entertain them, make them cry and laugh one the same page, challenge the new generations to find their voice and shed their protective armor? Do you want to be your reader's new best friend, guiding and equipping them to live boldly, or maybe help them understand themselves and others around them, or to showcase the events and culture of foreign nations?
Do you want people to be moved by your performance, to show them that you can stir their hearts and become the role you take on? To break viewer's hearts and mend them, to bring characters to life in the mundane and the crazy, to feel deeply what it's like to be someone else, to display your values and beliefs through acting?
Do you want to change lives, whether in the smallest capacity or the largest, in whatever you do?

(it's late, okay? idk where all this came from XD)

i keep my dreams in a box

April 8, 2021



some display their dreams behind glass,
preserved and protected.
some wear their dreams on their sleeve, 
startlingly present and unforgettable.

but i,
i keep my dreams in a box,
beneath my bed.

some toss their dreams over their shoulder,
as they flip their hair.
some put their dreams on a pedestal, 
the pinnacle of achievement.

but i,
i keep my dreams in a box,
under lock and key.

some waltz with their dreams under crescent moons,
flirting with ambition and opportunity.
some frolic with their dreams under smiling suns,
letting wide-open meadows and swaying wildflowers speak for them.

but i,
i keep my dreams in a box,
sequestered in darkness.

some throw their dreams into wastebaskets and sewers,
discarding their last scrap of hope.
some dance in muddy streets with their dreams, 
splashing in puddles and moving to a trash-can lid rhythm.

but i, 
i keep my dreams in a box,
known only to me.

some let go of their dreams freely,
like one lets go of a red balloon
wistfully, they watch it sail away
and others glance up and point—and a smile crosses their face.

so i,
i will not keep my dreams in a box,
so i might cause one person to smile.
this popped into my head earlier today, but i'm not sure what is means to me. 


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Oh my! The creative concept, the stunning imagery, the comforting repetition, the ending... it's all wonderful!

    25 days ago
  • wavewriter

    Wow, this is wonderful! My favorite line is "some throw their dreams into/wastebaskets and sewers/discarding their last scrap of hope." It's so true and so perfectly written!

    26 days ago
  • GraceWritesTheWorld

    I really love this.

    26 days ago