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I think this is the most random and confusing thing I've ever written LOL
I'll probably take it down after I laugh over it with my friend XD


March 26, 2021


Love is a societal construct and yet somehow everyone in society has a different definition for it. And I think therein lies our fault; we are collective in our ideas but not the way we go about them.


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  • useless :)

    ooh this is amazing! such a deep message, and i love the part, "everyone in society has a different definition for it" bc it's so true! and i love how that last line branches out from the topic of love but stays with the meaning of what you were saying to create a general message! hmm. confusing you say...i'm pretty sure the comment i just made is more confusing than ur piece XD, the piece made sense to me!!
    re: ahah don't worry about long messages, mine are usually pretty long too.
    thanks for copying it onto notes XD, you're right, it's easier to read that way. thank you!! i actually finished spring break a couple weeks ago haha, now there aren't any more breaks until my exams, which is fUn :D
    aw ty!! i'm glad you liked it!
    no problem! true lol, although i also cringe at my new work on a daily basis soo...i need to work on getting rid of that overly self-critical mindset ahah.
    ohh cool! during Ramadan is it a requirement to fast for a month, or is it just your goal? (sorry if i sound uneducated asking that, i don't know much about the topic but i don't mean to ever disrespect anything!) anyway, i hope it's going well for you!!
    yay haha :D
    yup. when i first got them, they said the estimation would be a bit less than two years, but hErE i aM, and it's been two years since february ahah. i think it's coming to a close soon tho. it doesn't really bother me at all since i'm completely used to them, but it'll be nice to get them off.
    yeah, they can hurt lol. except my orthodontist is only making me wear them at night, so it's not as bad as it could've been. that defeats the "getting used to them" point tho haha, i'll never really get used to them since i switch from taking them on and off every day.
    mhm! when i'm older i'll be happy i did it lol.
    ikr XD.
    wait, so for you is grade 8 thirteen-fourteen year olds? if so, oh, that's in middle school for us haha, elementary here is only grades k-5. oh dang haha, that sucks. here in eighth you can fail the grade if you fail state testing...but they make it hard, bc i think they give you another chance to pass them by making you go to a summer program and then take them again.
    yeah, ik what you mean! that's actually smart, haha.
    ahhh that's hard too...but i'll say a pause button. the thing is, the moments we have in our lives shape the way we are, and while going back to those moments can help you fix what you regret or relive your best memories, you'll probably take granted of them, and it kinda defeats the purpose of being human. like, we have one chance for everything, but if we mess up, we can always build ourselves back up again, and the way we live our lives is based on our past, so fixing those things won't always guarantee a better outcome. we might just keep making the same mistakes...since greed is pretty powerful and we'd definitely take advantage of it...so we wouldn't really be living, yk? (not literally, u know what i mean haha)
    srry for the ramble lol. now for the pause moment, tho it's not necessary, there are some moments that i love and wish would last longer, and it's a less tempting way than the rewind to make the most of your special memories.
    like, "and in this moment I swear, we are infinite."
    those kind of special moments :D
    okay, will do!! i'm reading different book rn, but when i'm done with it i'll start bc i've been looking for books to read :)
    yup, we do!! i think it's great that ppl can connect through writing here, it's a really cool platform :D
    no problem! haha yeah, i don't really like putting my name online bc i just get irrationally stressed out about it for some reason, but if you wanna know my actual name u can go to ice lolly's march version and my interstellar dreams poem is on there with my name hehe
    np again!! aw thanks! :)
    thank you! hope you have a great day too :D

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Nuuu don’t take it down. You truly are a wise one, Nyla :)
    I get you, we should have more unity. But then again, some of the beauty of love is that nobody knows the right way to approach it.
    Re: thank youuu! I’ve been doing dictionary’s word of the day, and a while back it was coterie, so I have used it in so many pieces of writing since :D
    Yea I got vibes that Mrs Potts was part of some mafia or smth, and the family got their wealth through crime. I have no idea if that’s right tho haha
    Nobody has handkerchiefs?? *gasp, faint, with the handy handkerchief for added drama*
    They’re just useful for everything. Like tissues, but you can wash and reuse them. Or put them in your pocket to make yourself look fancy.

    Yea is it too much to ask for our landscapes to go back in time to when they were all romantic and humble? And to have little descriptions as you enter each village/town that make your heart melt? *sigh*
    I mean I love hospitals and cars and all that modern stuff XD but there’s something so magical about a rural village or even a rural town, without some of the modern invasions.

    Wait so do you never have to do any essays?
    How does the history exam work? I’m a bit of a weirdo and I love history essays, all the conclusions and interpretations. Do you do some of that as coursework?

    Oh yes, you have trained me well to become a super fan (that hasn’t actually watched a full movie :D). I swear they say avengers assemble tho..? That seems like something heroic haha
    It’s kinda fin writing in Shakespeare o-O
    And it’s good to check understanding? Idk it’s like a whole new language - I just bluff my way through lessons and make sure I write down all stuff my teacher adds.
    Example convo
    “Yeah so in this bit Lady Macbeth sounds kinda manly.”
    “Oh do you think that’s because her gender holds her back in a sexist society where women were often labelled as witches if they weren’t subservient?”
    “Yeah.” *scribbles furiously*

    I’m not kidding about the cauliflower :D
    My parents say they used to make roast dinners then mash up each component ahah. Sounds like something else, truly :D
    Haha the wordplay :D
    Ahah thanks for explaining bc I wouldn’t have known (never heard of Cali baby, but I can still appreciate the mastery there :))
    Ah well the British roots truly do follow us around the world. Man your mum sounds pretty legendary :D

    You prefer dogs?? ;_;
    My cat is tortoiseshell, and she’s called Camille.
    (Because at the jamboree the Canadian representative was called Camille and they did this really cringey opening of okay we’ve got Mexico, the us and Canada....? What where’s Camille? And uh my sister’s favourite character from Death in Paradise is called Camille haha. Dogs can be cute, but also very muddy and stinky. Camille can sleep on my bed and I don’t have to wash my covers immediately :)

    I am shocked. Meese (pl moose ?? Haha oh dear) are really the peak of Canadian nature, in my opinion. Maple leaves ofc come second. But I’m glad you’ve managed to see plenty of other fine beasts :D

    Oh wow I think I’d rather be a wizard.
    A) Hogwarts c:
    B) zap zap and I have any superpower I need once I’ve learnt the spell
    C) no pressure to save the world because that’s not in the job description. I can just chill and impress my friends.

    Ooh very good! You sure you don’t want to pursue a career as a detective?
    Have a great morning!
    Ellie :D

    6 months ago
  • Ava Marie

    Re: Thank you!!!

    6 months ago
  • The Coy-Fish

    Very deep lol. Don't know what to make of it.

    6 months ago
  • Ava Marie

    Yes! This is so accurate!

    6 months ago