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July 15, 2021


dear cousin,
I remember the way we laughed
playing "What Makes You Beautiful"
over and over and over
you were Zayn
I was Louis
and we sang it at the tops of our lungs
fairies and princesses and performers

dear granny,
I remember the way your face lit up
when you handed me my first piano
24 keys in all
a guitar from your childhood
we spent the day together
playing jingle bells on the keyboard
and brown-eyed girl on the guitar

dear nannie,
I remember the way you looked at me
right after my first solo in the school play
you hugged the tightest
and, with tears in your eyes,
told me I was the best up there
my voice had cracked and I almost cried on stage
but you told me I was the best

dear mom,
I remember the way you read Harry Potter
to me and my sister
sitting between our beds
I was Hermione
with my curly hair and buck teeth and grades
battling giants and You-Know-Who and Draco

dear abuela,
I remember the look on your face
when I went to your house
the day I came out to my parents
you sat next to me
held me as I cried
told me you had never seen
someone so brave
I cried again
when I knew you would leave

dear gabi,
it's you
just years in the future
fairies and princesses and performers
do you remember?
the years we spent, 
dreaming of where we would go
don't worry
I'm doing good
grades are great
friends are stable
I haven't given up yet
I promise
I'm still chasing what we dreamed about
running with the wind
sometimes against it
so don't give up hope
childhood dreams
are the best ones
because remember what abuela said
the bigger the dream
the bigger the heart
republishing because i think this is my best piece i've ever written, and i want to share it again. <3

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