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Why is counting syllables the most brain-demanding thing ever? XD


March 27, 2021


Spiders crawl all over my skin, paralyzed I remain still
I open my eyes and realize it was all a nightmare
Maybe that’s all we need: to open our eyes; see reality


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  • barelybear

    Oooh what a deep message!! And the imagery at the start was really cool, and so vivid!
    Re: yes iron bru really is the glue that holds together our nation. Or at least Scotland anyways, from what I’ve heard :D
    Ah see you think British accents sound smart, but like with the builder thing, you are very much missing out haha. I would say I’ve got a kinda classic semi-posh, so I’d probably live up to your expectations, but when I’m around some of my friends, we go full south west farmer vibes haha. Or pirate vibes perhaps dkksns.
    Okay, crushes. I can’t believe you said Louis Partridge because YES ME TOOO!! He’s beautiful and I’m so jealous of Millie Bobby Brown gah. Tom Holland is up there for sure. I watched like one video of him and wow he’s got so much charisma. But I’m not really into marvel, so I haven’t seen him a lot. Hmm not so sure about Zayn lel. I never was one of those 1D girls. Then I also love Cole Sprouse and Anthony Ramos ahah.
    Aw haha thanks! Ellie is a nickname yea, my full name is Eloise (always used to hate it because I could never find it at tourist shops, until I went to France). Ellie kinda happened bc one of my friends just started getting too lazy to say three syllables, and everyone else joined it :D
    I used to be kinda nervous about putting my name out there, but now I’m a CA I’m on the website so there’s no turning back lmaoo.
    Is your name Nyla? That’s such a great name! I love that it’s really unique, and has this energy behind it (lel I think that’s because it has a y and ys are so fun :D). Weird question: did you ever get annoyed because when they ask you to pick an animal that starts with the first letter of your name, it was really hard to find anything? I remember one girl in my class in primary could only find newt. Anyways you might not have even had to do that haha. Imagine your name isn’t actually Nyla and that’s just a pen name skksksk. Still a really pretty pen name.
    I’ll stop typing now :D
    Have a great day!

    6 months ago
  • aaliyahh

    re: ahh thank you so much!! ik it's a little twist (more like big..XD) but it's alr :)... and YESS!! the cobblestone paths, tiny colorful buildings, and the FOOD- i cannot wait to visit anywhere in europe for their food..(as you can probably tell by now i'm obsessed with trying new a different foods)! and oooo, a dog named loki?? that's actually pretty cool you say that haha, i have a cat named flokki XD... i'm glad your day is, (was) going good! mine is going pretty good so far..i went to six flags today (it's like a huge theme park)...my favorite pet is probably a doberman pinscher..they are soooo cute as puppies; also they are really good guard dogs!! if you could time travel, what age would you travel to? and would it be the past, or the present???
    -sorry for corny questions LOL...i'm SO bad at starting conversations, and making new friends..but you're really nice and WTW is a really good place to make friends because we all already have one thing in common!! which is writing :)) and honestly like people at school, and people i live around are so judgy...so i'm glad there's some people here i can talk to :))
    -sorry that was kind of a rant haha!! but i hope you have a good day!!

    6 months ago
  • McK13

    This message is so beautiful and profound! I really like the creativity you used in building the theme with a nightmare. The very first line is super well done since it totally adds this eerie vibe, setting the scene! Overall, this is absolutely lovely! Re: Omg I'm so so sorry for never responding! I got so busy this weekend because my brother had a birthday, then I had two huge tests I had to study for, and everything was so hectic! Awwww, you're too sweet! I'm so ecstatic that you thought my piece was empowering and well-developed! I could say the same thing for so many of your pieces :) As long as you have fun playing basketball, that's all that matters. Really, that's super cool! One time we had pro football players come to our school and we threw this whole party in the gymnasium so that was fun too! Lol I would've stayed as far away from the snake as possible at the mall! You're so brave, how did you ever do that? My favorite color is definitely a light blue-green of some sort so maybe like a turquoise though I really love coral and lavender! What's yours?

    6 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Aw. This is so true!

    6 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    This is amazing!

    6 months ago
  • aaliyahh

    omg!! this is so good, and so true in a way!! we need to open our eyes and see things for what it is! and ooOo the first line was a good hooker, it's very mysterious and scary, it made me shudder just reading it; in a good way ofc :))

    6 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Woah, this is amazing... that last line... wowwww
    Re: ha, okay cool! But you’ve never been in the ocean?
    Yeah, they’re sweet. And horses are really sweet too; I love how they each have such a distinctive personality.
    Ah, that’s cool! Yes, I agree; managing your own time is great! I love that part about homeschooling. And as far as friends go, I have my Girl Scout friends, and most if my other friends live out of state, so I just communicate with them from a distance. What is your favorite school subject?

    6 months ago