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May 14, 2015

PROMPT: Borrowing Voice


"I don't mean to be angry and awful. I know I'm being selfish and I can't help it. I feel like I'm about to be pushed into the blackest darkness. It feels like I'm four years old again, and I want my Mommy." As the tears streamed down her face, Jim stroked her hair. He wanted to pass on the comfort he now felt in his heart, but he knew no words for it. He laid his head against Kristen's and silently prayed for his daughter.

Jim felt the warm tears dropping onto his wrists, soaking into his skin. The prayer wasn't long, nor was it short. There seemed to be no length to the words and phrases he spoke to God, pleading for guidance and comfort for Kristen specifically, and all those struggling as they. The words came smoothly and quickly. Time passed slowly as he said that simple prayer. 

By the time he opened his eyes and looked up, Kristen had her eyes closed, tears flowing silently down her soft cheeks. Sobs shook her shoulders and her lips silently parted in use of words. Jim smiled sadly then touched his forehead to hers, closing his blurred eyes. 

They needed this; they both needed this refound comfort and warmth to encase them. To save them from the worst that could happen. They needed those pierced hands to hold theirs and lead them through the darkness that awaited. Jim, once again, felt the warm breath that had whispered to him unknown, yet comforting words. Kristen's posture changed slightly against his touch as she too, he suspectd, felt that wonderfullness. 

Tears smudged Jim's eyes, a single tear running free of the bunch. But they were not the sad tears that had fallen before; they were warm tears of joy. He knew that God was with them and that he was going to be with them every step along the tattered path that lay ahead.


The story I borrowed the first seven sentences from(as I wrote this, the first paragraph) was from "Heaven Touched Me" by Rebecca A. Wilhite(Becca Wilhite). 

I thought it really fun to try this as my first writing prompt on Write the World! Thanks for reading! 


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