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The Song of Mother

March 26, 2021


Oh great oakland tree,
how wild can you truly be 
if human axe or beaver teeth
makes you into shacks
or burn up for heat
Oh mighty shrilling mountain cave,
where are you now in modern day
no more a home of apes 
of a hearth held deep giving you breath
keeping warm the younglings of our birth 
Oh great wolf 
master of all prey,
you spanned the globe but did not stay
for your warriors came, conquered and fell
gave way to our wretched hate
Oh dragonfly your wings so bright,
shimmer daintly as you fly away
let not our evil cause you taint
but fly among us and shimmer proud
may our darkened hearts not bat you down
But now all nature live not in fright
of blindness still within our sight 
for if we leave you'd gain it all
greatest empire she ever saw 
mother, father, nature's free
her creatures march out of the sea
emerging silhouettes out by the trees
to this great earth they come to keep
all that we stole, no more subpar 
may nature's wrath not go so far 
as human eyes point to the stars 
the depths rise up under our radars 


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  • Nyla

    I love this! You rhyme so well (something I find soo unbelievably hard) and the repetition of "Oh subject" was really awesome!! "may our darkened hearts not bat you down" was awwww! Overall the whole thing was so beautifully written!! RE: Awww thank you!! I'm so glad you liked it! And haha, omg wait, don't expect much! It was only a haiku! But is there any other piece you would want reviewed? I can definitely give a more in-depth one for a longer piece!! :) Also omg, wait, (looking at your bio) you like debates too?? I love debates! It's so much fun!

    6 months ago