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I like spaceships, temples, and tea.

Some of my favorite poets and poet-adjacent-people: Federico Garcia Lorca, Ocean Vuong, Annie Dillard, Italo Calvino, Arundhati Roy, Michael Ondaatje, Becky Chambers, Pablo Neruda... The list goes on.

I am on here way too much.

My book is out next June! It feels wonderful to be able to say that with such certainty!

There are so many excellent writers on this site, but if you are new and looking for a place to start, check out: Paisley Blue, aosora, wishtree, aismic, Starlitskies, R.j.Elsewhere, amaryllis, .. ugh there are so many more....

A Window Into a Soul

March 29, 2021

It’s always raining. Each moment the grey cement of my neighborhood road grows darker, soaking up the mist until the rock reaches a point of tender surrender. Water fills the pores in the street and seeps into the muddy storm drains.

The sun occasionally shows its face but it’s always through a thin haze of persistent clouds. The light reflected in the puddles, in the green grass, in our mirrors and our eyes, is the sun’s brighter, purer derivative. 

There’s steam in my stomach, on my fingertips. Compressed, it turns the engines of translation. Sun into light. Rain into water. A window into a soul. 
Write a description of what your window overlooks. (by Bhavya's Treasure)


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  • Bhavya's Treasure

    Thanks for writing on this prompt!
    Gosh, you just painted it all so finely and delicately, and the last one is philosophical. :D

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    Wow, I love this so much!! "water fills the pores in the street" was just such great imagery! And the ending just, speechless! RE: Awww thank you!! That was actually one of my favourite pieces to write, it just flowed!

    6 months ago
  • Sophiascb

    like all your pieces, i love this so much. This is amazing! i really feel like I'm there, looking out your window.
    I'm kind of getting the feeling that the first paragraph is the dreary aspect of the rain, 'darker, muddy, storm, surrender,' the middle is introducing us to the idea that, yes, though we do get tired of it sometimes, there is a tedious beauty about it, and then the last one is so powerful. This part- "Compressed, it turns the engines of translation. Sun into light. Rain into water. A window into a soul." Is literally perfect. so lovely ;)

    6 months ago
  • A blind (young) man

    Holy Crow! This is the most singularly amazing piece I've read in a LONG time! Granted I haven't been active for a couple months. But what an inspiration, wow! Please forgive my enthusiasm, but your descriptions are wonderful. Much love.

    6 months ago
  • WishfulKittyKat1

    this is so pretty!!! I love use of the title as the final line, it's absolutely perfect, and the way you describe cement taking in water is really nice. You've definitely put words to something I haven't been able to describe before. also-- "there's steam in my stomach, on my fingertips" is SUCH a good line. I love the similar sounds throughout and the way you twist the water imagery into something we don't usually think about water as (a method of power) is very,,,, almost concise in a way?? I don't know how to explain it but it's so lovely in so few words!!!

    6 months ago
  • gabimarie

    this is so good! "water fills the pores in the street". the personification is just amazing!
    also, i LOVE derry girls! it's so funny and relatable, but also kinda out there...
    as for books, i just finished reading "from blood and ash". it's fantasy, and has some *sexual* parts in it as well, but it's super good. the third book of the series is coming out April 20, in case you're interested. have an amazing day! :)

    6 months ago