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Other Side

March 25, 2021


You say I'm not perfect
and I know that's the truth.
But when you say I'm not worth it,
it makes me hate you.

I'm on the other side;
it's all full of lies.
Why did you let me go
and leave me here alone?

I'm on the other side,
where no one passes by.
You can laugh, you can sneer,
but I'm waiting right here.

I'm on the other side,
in the dark streetlight.
Watching the snowflakes
shiver in the night.

I'm on the other side,
of something beautiful.
I don't need you here
cause I've dreamt it all.
I'm not sure how I came up with this. I was humming a tune and tried to add words, but I've made it more of a poem. I'm still contemplating whether to scratch this or keep working on it.


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  • Abrianna

    I like this, the rhyme is super great!
    Re: Thanks for relating.:) Same here! I do want to just ask someone what I should do and let them figure it out, but of course that doesn't work.. I just have too many things that I want to do in life. <33

    6 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    DO NOT scratch this; keep on working! It's beautiful and this abstraction of "the other side" is fascinating. I especially love the fourth stanza; it has beautiful imagery.

    6 months ago