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I'm glad you exist, even if this isn't real.

The portrait for which I started with luck, will flourish with beautiful watermarks of a brush of many colors. It will be blurry enough to have no direction but clear enough to have its presence.

Reaping My Home

March 24, 2021

                            Reaping My Home

                Did you know we have grass in our bellies?
                           Filled with mother earth's dirt,
                     watering life that sprinkles to our dry root mouths.
            Our spiderweb pupils, waxing onto every shadow we envision-
                the tanned wind will suck through our teeth barbwires;
                        we cast a hurricane down our jailhouse lungs.

                                We are just like you.

        With withering leaves falling out of our skulls,
                    hollow stems with a stuffing of life's baby breath.

                                We are just like you.

            we'd spit our grounded veins to connect, we have a green thumb.
        We pridefully will dance embracing the sun.

                                We are just like you.

                            so why stomp our flame?

    Why rip our roots from our sacred ground, terrorize our garden-
                  when we can share mine?

                           We were just like you.

                            Now we fear you 



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1 Comment
  • Nyla

    Oooh this was really cool! I love the imagery and the descriptions you use! "Our spiderweb pupils" was awesome! The ending is super powerful as well! :)

    6 months ago