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graphic imagery, mentions blood, death, depression

broken hearts and broken hopes TW: Graphic imagery, mentions death

March 25, 2021



and as i hold my heart in my hands,  the pieces start
to  unravel.   bit  by  bit  dissecting  into  strands  of 
longing? desperation? hope?  blood seeps through my
fingers as i feel my heartbeat weaken.    and i try to 
hold the pieces together. i try to keep my blood, my
life, my hope in.  did i open Pandora's Box?  did i just
give up my last chance at hope?     or maybe i gave it 
yesterday. i  was  better  yesterday  after  all. i  was. 
my heart  could  beat,  my  lungs  could  breathe, my 
brain  could  think.    now i don't know if i can do any
of those things. as i loose blood, i loose hope, i loose
time.  and still i'm stuck in yesterday.  why?  it never 
really mattered anyway. i can't change anything and 
now i'm stuck living as a stopwatch. i can only watch
as  my heart weakens and pumps ever slower and my 
eyelids  grow  so much heavier.   but the only thing i 
truly  miss  is  the  hope.   but hope that is seen is no 
hope  at  all.  and  all  i  can  say  is one small phrase.

never                           lose                                hope
So I think this is the first piece I've written that actually needs a trigger warning, but i was feeling a little graphic today. I hope it doesn't get taken down lol.
Also I have no idea what brought on that creepy word vomit... I'm actually doing quite well in case ya'll were wondering. :)


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  • Nikki

    woah! this is... i mean... girlllllll! this is so dark, i love it!
    unrelated: would you like a review? i wanna practice review writing so lemme know if its cool if i review this, or any other piece :))

    6 months ago
  • Mpm#1

    I was gonna say... Bro you okay over there?? This was pretty graphic but I did enjoy reading it!

    6 months ago
  • 4ExtraShotsOfEspresso


    6 months ago
  • 4ExtraShotsOfEspresso

    Woooaaaahhh, this is so heccig cool!!!!! I heccin love it ^w^

    6 months ago