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Dessert Colors

By: Katie R. Goates

PROMPT: Open Prompt

The colors on the mountain...Ayla's mind wandered as she watched the landscape. They had been driving for more than six and a half hours now and she was amazed at the difference in their surroundings since they left. The gray sky, the tall buildings, and the loud traffic of the city were now replaced with a fresh, blue sky, colorful sloping hills that were dotted with sheep and cattel of Utah. All the plant life here, although they looked a little dry and pokey, looked clean, healthy, and vibrant and weren't plagued by litter and trash.

Whenever she thought of the word desert, Ayla thought of scorching sand for miles, where it never rained, and where cactus reached toward the sky in a plea for water. Where people saw mirages and where they died from thirst.

Now that word was changed for her. Yes, the climate was a little dry and the air was hot, but it was all alive, with colors she didn't know existed in nature. Any of course it rained! It didn't rain as much as she was used to, but it rained enough for farmers to grow fields of wheat, corn, and potatoes, and to raise livestock and horses.

At that moment Ayla was staring at a mountain that was dotted with bushy, dark green trees. It wasn't much of a mountain, more like a very large hill with it's rounded edges and top. This one mountain had purples, reds, greens, and other colors she had never seen anywhere else before. Behind it the sky was so blue! Ayla was sure she had never seen such a blue sky in her whole life.

Bright yellow sun flowers grew freely on the sides of the road. Their fuzzy green stems stretched towards the sky and their petals followed the path of the sunlight. They looked like they were waving at Ayla as the small breeze pushed around them.


Message to Readers

I wrote this about Utah. Honest, constructive feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

Peer Review

I would say that this is a beautiful piece of art!

The imagery.

I wanted to know more about her home before, and a little more about what the differences were in Ayla's eyes.

Reviewer Comments

This is really, really good! I love the way you described things!