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"They tried to bury us. They did not know we were seeds." - Mexican Proverb

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"Words gather desire inside your head
Gathering emotions, gathering feeling, gathering
Meaning, gaining a purpose other than being
Becoming something other than words, other than
Thoughts ricocheting through my mind breaking through to the
Outside, darting to others, creating a spark in their hearts
My words just start in my
Head but never end there

-They Never End There ✨

The Key to the Gate of Dreams

March 25, 2021


The key to the gate of dreams is always out of reach
Hovering above the pit of nightmares the only
Elegant item held in my personal Tartarus because I can’t
Keep it, no, my dreams must be protected from prying
Eyes so each morn I lock the gate I throw it in to mingle with monsters
Yet, each night I try to fetch it out. Sometimes I
Do make it past the nightmares, the all-consuming fears
Other times I’m sucked into a mass of deadly tentacles only to
Emerge the next morn, unscathed but scarred from my battles with my sheets
Sometimes I’m too afraid to face them at all, catching a glimpse and deciding
Not to wade into war once more for fear that this time I might drown.
Only a good dream can make this terror flee, one filled with the
Twinkles of shooting stars through my mind’s sky, the chiming laughter of
Faeries dancing through the grass, the smell of fresh pie wafting with the breeze
It gives me enough strength to fight for my key most days but when
The gate is locked, it’s just as foreboding as the struggles that await me.
I got the title of the poem/inspiration from a TV show! It’s an acrostic poem spelling out, ‘The Key Does Not Fit.’ Ominous? Yeah... Creepy? You tell me. I am never a good judge of stuff I wrote. I hope you liked it!


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1 Comment
  • Nyla

    OMG this was sooo awesome! I love how not only does the actual poem flow so well and relate all to this key but the acrostic spelling of it is just awesome and adds so much more tragedy to it! This is so deep and "personal Tartarus" just so sad! and the ending was just aww so sad (I know I keep saying that but come on! this poem was very sad!) and even more so with how you talked about good things as well like the smell of fresh pie- mmm, I'm hungry now! Anyways, great job!

    6 months ago