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Our Eyes Are Bright

March 23, 2021


Nobody knows who I am
But if they did they would want to know who I am.
They would see all my moody colours
Dripping down my window, grey watery paint
Blending together.
They would feel the blue light streaming in
From my eyes, from the night.
my soul is an echo of what I see
the scenery shines and resounds inside me
I'm a dark shape crouching in the corner
A part of your life, a part of this room
You don't even realise how much of you I am.
We leave the lights unlit,
Because we know that our eyes are bright
Our drawings are alive.
Let someone intrude on us,
Let them feel so out of place.
We'd like that, wouldn't we?
We could gaze into our windows, our eyes,
Ignoring their presence.
We know our bodies are dark
but our eyes are bright
We are forever trapped inside our vision
We are clever
We are beautiful
We will never get used to this
We will never shut the window

For our eyes are bright


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  • Nyla

    This was really creepy! "Dripping down my window, grey watery paint" was great imagery!!

    6 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    This is amazing; and all of the metaphors are fabulous!

    6 months ago