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if yall ever want to talk, my insta is gabiiconnor :)

i'm secretly not so secretly addicted to coffee and long night drives

also remember to stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and don't skip meals! :)

go check out my twin, Rohan's Defender. she's literally so talented and so much fun to talk to!!

a mirage of my own making

March 24, 2021


I feel like I'm running towards something that's not there
It's so far away
My dream is just a dream
Everyone else is already there
Why am I the only one still running?
Nothing is more miserable than running and never reaching
I'm scared to open my eyes in the morning
I won't reach the finish line today
Will I ever?
I'm becoming more impatient every day
They throw me away
Could they be right?
I've just been running towards something that's not there
A mirage of my own making
Am I on my own?
I've fought so hard to be here
My struggles, my scars
They're proof of my existence
My friends, my family, they move away from me
Can I keep running towards something that's not there?
I've been told I can win if I try
I've been trying my whole life
I haven't won yet
How do I have the strength
to find something that's not there?


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