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The Spring Feeling

By: SnowLeopard06


Spring has a certain smell to it,
Like things from the earth
Moss and dirt

Spring has a certain feel to it,
Like fuzzy buds of flowers
Etched in dawn's light

Spring has a certain look to it,
Like the hints of daffodils
Starting to open

Spring has a certain sound to it,
Falling rain and chirping birds
A thousand harmonies

Spring has a certain taste to it,
Pollen and clover and mud and moss
And fresh sprinkled rain and storms

Peer Review

The imagery was amazing! I loved every minute of reading this because I was so drawn into the story the author told.

I wish that each of the verses were longer. I understand that writing imagery is difficult to do without repeating yourself, but I would love to have even more to read about the way spring feels, etc.

Reviewer Comments

Overall, I just loved this piece! It's so fun to read and almost got me excited for spring (even though it's my least favorite season :) ). So great job! Have an amazing day! :)