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she/her. 17, i wrote poetry
2017-2021. thank you.

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fruit preserves

March 23, 2021


for days & days afterwards the city outside reduces itself to jelly & jam,
that sweetness rotting on our tongues.
you stayed still as if that would trick the sun into hiding,
as if you didn't move you wouldn't melt. but you did-

& that is the lesson, i guess, because every story needs a lesson.
like how these days your cheeks can pulled like putty to be hung from your ears.
or how i think my body is at least 75% lip gloss by now,
because i keep reapplying and hoping it covers the taste of your spit. 

i straightened my hair for you today, &
toed the edge of the bedroom like something was keeping me in
or like i couldn't come in. i don't remember which one.
i don't remember which side i was standing on.

the wrong one, i think. the one where my voice still echoed & stuck to the walls,
& air that snuck itself out of my throat to leave me like chewed-up bubblegum
in my own skin, an unwrapping & an unleashing & an undoing & an un-
the one where i haven't started cleaning up the mess we've made.


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  • Nyla

    Wow, I really love this!! It's a beautiful stream of consciousness! I'll leave a review :)

    5 months ago