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if yall ever want to talk, my insta is gabiiconnor :)

i'm secretly not so secretly addicted to coffee and long night drives

also remember to stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and don't skip meals! :)

go check out my twin, Rohan's Defender. she's literally so talented and so much fun to talk to!!

a belated confession

March 22, 2021


there is a mirage
I'm running towards
so far away
but it's under my feet
I can feel it beneath my hands (it's here)
this is who I am
this is my essence
but in your eyes
something about me changed
I'm still the same
you just never saw me
for who I was
I promised I would
show them what
I was worth
but I hide behind the curtain
scared to prove them right
my blood sweat tears
you saw me soaked in them
the practice wearing me down
but I'll go farther than you thought
be myself
never lose my essence
go higher and higher and higher
until I can no longer
feel my lungs burning
I was born for this
and the mirage
I'm running towards
isn't just that
it's my dream
born singer revisited


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