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Friendship (original I know :D, also footnotes for a Q&A!!!!)

By: _Delphiruns2theocean_(hiatus)

Friendship doesn't care about ethnicity
sexual identity.
Friendship doesn't care about flaws
late night calls.
Friendship doesn't care about rumors
but they support you through the hard times.

Friendship does care about the other half (you)
the small silly problems
the big bawl worthy problems,
greeting you with jumbo Kraft marshmallows
and mint chip ice cream.
Friendship does care about the 20 unread texts
stupid memes from Pinterest
or updates on a personal crisis, for real,
sending hug emojis on the bad days
and always funny GIFS.

Friendship is the late night sleepovers
binge watching random shows and usually a surf movie
or two,
stocked with candy from Walgreens
and faded shirts and shorts
under blankets
and giggling over impressions
and failed DIY hacks
and old stories told over and over again,
always making you laugh,
and watching just one more YouTube video
and helping you with that one last wave
and handing you that one last dollar
and eating that one last Skittle to make you not feel guilty
and giggling at that one last Kiss Marry Kill response.

Friendship is the other half with the charm bracelets
the matching wallpaper
the matching shirts
the DIY's
the shorts you really wanted
the embarrassing moments
the secrets you would die if anyone else knew.

Friendship is not just 280 words
it's infinite
it's a bond that never breaks,
it's the big moments
and the small ones too,
the one with you through the rocky times,
the one with you through the embarrassing mistake,
most importantly
the one by your side.

This is more best friend but this is me and my best friend...we're weird ;) Similarities and differences welcome in the comments/thoughts! :)
Also, pleas read this! I have a Q&A idea for an apology of my recent disappearance and also for my gratitude for 105 followers!!! You're all amazing and if you have ANY questions please comment and I'll put it in the Q&A! :) You can ask as many as you want btw :)

Peer Review

I really really love this!! The whole thing is so relatable and I really loved your constant emphasis of friendship being a concept moving past flaws and appearance!

I guess you could work in a bit more about the sad times, like how they help you get through it. You have so many good things and it's a really positive piece! If you wanted to add in a bit of that empowering help stuff though- you definitely could to add a bit more power but otherwise, it's perfect the way it is!!

Reviewer Comments

It was an overall really beautiful and amazing piece!! Personally, I think you could do without a lot of the "the's" and "and's" to make it flow a bit better but that's a really small nitpick and ultimately up to you! I would only add them every three or so items (hopefully that makes sense XD) This piece made me feel all happy inside! Really great job!! And happy 105!!! The formatting was also amazing and really added to it! I also loved the rhymes! Really amazing :)))