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CR: before the coffee gets cold by toshikazu kawaguchi

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i wrote this at 2 am the other night - unedited, unread. i'd love some feedback :)

to be a woman

March 21, 2021


to be a woman
is to stare into the mirror everyday
and wonder if your shirt is too see through,
your shoulders too distracting,
your skirt too short,
before you walk out the door.

to be a woman
is to keep your keys wedged between your fingers,
your phone on emergency speed dial,
your music turned down low,
while you walk past a gang of hooting boys
or down an alleyway as a shortcut to save time.

to be a woman
is to hesitate before drinking
in case it's spiked with a salty taste,
while on a night out
to cut loose with friends
and make memories together,
but not the kind that wake you up in the night
or the ones that stay under your skin like a tattoo kiss.

to be a woman
is to be asked 'why didn't you close your legs?'
over and over
and over and over,
with tears are welled up in your eyes
while they stare down at you in shame.

to be a woman
is to be cut deep beyond flesh and bone
when someone calls you
a drama queen,
an attention seeker,
a liar,
a slut
just because the secrets you kept hidden for so long
got twisted into an ugly, black hole
that tarnished every spec of your reputation
as soon as the words came out
of the reliable, male mouth.

to be a woman
is to be a victim.
to be a woman
is to be a damsel.
to be a woman
is to be an object.
to be a woman
is to be a beauty,
when in reality
our scars are ugly
because you made them that way.

this is not on us.
you did this to us.
to be a woman
is to be strong,
and to hold back hurricanes,
knowing the storm will pass.
you made it this far. you can't give up now.


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  • March 21, 2021 - 4:40am (Now Viewing)

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  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    This is stupendous piece of writing which is so deep, passionate, and powerful. BRAVO!!!! I love the atmosphere. The concept is amazing, and inspiring. I am sitting spellbound!!! :) This is just marvellous! I can't find the right word to describe it. It is such a great piece. The atmosphere, and literary devices just work cohesively and are impactful. Wonderous job!

    about 2 months ago