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my 3 rings

March 19, 2021


I love rings right now. 
I wear a total of three on both hands. 
Let me introduce them to you,
Starting left to right. 

On my left ring finger,
is my CTR ring.
I wear it to help me stay focused,
until my wedding ring will replace it on that finger. 

On my left pointer,
Is my Pandora Wishbone Ring,
It sparkles in the sun. 
I got it with my mother and sister,
once upon a time in a week in March of 2021. 
My friend has the same one. 
I copied her. 

On my right hand,
My middle finger wears my diamond and gold band. 
My aunt and uncle gave it to me for my sweet 16,
to remind me of my individual worth. 

My next two rings are going to be,
rings simply to go on my right thumb and pinky. 
Both gold. 
Both Kendra Scott,
Both I bought online. 


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1 Comment
  • SamRose

    Wow, I love this! I lost my CTR ring ages ago... XD I can never keep track of jewelry. This is so great! Nice job! :)

    7 months ago