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Hey, Đåínþý_Øbľìvîöņ! I truly had a great time writing this because I felt this way and a lot of more bigger emotions four years ago when I felt like giving up. I want to note that I am doing really better now, aside from the fact that I believe ostriches and flamingos are the same XD, but now I am really better and I enjoy writing things like this because I can dive deep inside myself and put myself out there more for others to see, even though no one on here knows me personally. But thank you for reading, leave you reviews and thoughts down below, have a lovely day :3 <3!

Speck of Dust By: Đåínþý_Øbľìvîöņ

March 19, 2021


Have you ever heard nightmares? I know crazy things to think about right? Everyone has heard of dreams, you dream and drift away from your problems leaving them behind just, a speck of dust without a second thought about it. Until you wake up to what I call the living nightmare, a nightmare not when you are sleeping, but when you are awake having to deal with the real world. Back when I was a freshman, like now four years ago, I was depressed, more than I am right now and I was really struggling with who I was, my identity, gender everything. I know people say that high school is when you find out who you really are, but it is so much worse than that. Problems, bullying, fake friends, drama, it is just too much for me to handle and still is. That is why I have a friend group of 12 people, they are the people that I want in my life for a long time, but let's get back onto the topic, nightmares, living ones for that matter. I have always felt a string attached to my heart, not like a string is attached to a balloon, but wrapped around my heart like someone’s hand around a neck, choking and squeezing the life out of it. I have always felt that way, that one day my life would just give out and nothing would be the same anymore. That I will be consumed by darkness and the black ink will pull me in forever and never let me come back to reality, but what is the harm of that. I wouldn’t have to deal with people anymore, I can be alone just like I wanted and no one would remember. I would just be a forgotten memory in the sea of thoughts...a small...insignificant...speck of dust that no one would hear, no one would help and no one would see anymore...


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  • snowywolfa

    I just want to say, I felt this so hard. I'm currently in high school so I really understand struggles with identity. Also, I really loved reading this; the idea behind it, the style, the overall concept, everything.

    3 months ago