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By: astrea


One of the things I most miss about my school is its library. 

There was always a sense of comfort there. Noise did not suit that place and the librarian was sure to scold  my classmates when they were talking to each other instead of reading. Not me. I would tune out everything as I traveled another world of a book.

We had a weekly library period where you could issue a new book or re-issue the same one. Oh, choosing a book was such a hard task! Five-ten students at a time, we had to first give our old book then choose another one. The books were organized grade wise and fiction and non-fiction. I 'd  always get first in line to return my old book so I could get more time to pick. 

Now picture me, trying to read the synopsis of as many books as I can, choosing them by either reading a catchy title or interesting cover, completely forgetting not to judge a book by its cover. That rush of urgency to find a good book was kind of exhilarating.  And I will give you a tip, always check the behind books, the ones that are hidden behind the visible section of books. That's where readers like me hide books they want to read the next time. I do feel guilty for a moment but my classmates really couldn't care less about reading. besides reading is solitary, so you are just looking out for yourself.

Then the next half an hour I would peacefully spend reading. Our library lecture was weekly. Of course I would finish my book in three days. So I would beg the librarian to let me issue another book.

I really miss the library. It is the perfect place. It had a greenery on the balcony - plants in plastic bottles, rubber tyres, you know to recycle all that (unfortunately we were rarely allowed to go in there). The library felt different in every season. In summer, the room was, well, sunny. It was really vibrant and really energized me to read more. In winter, it was actually pretty normal, since it doesn't snow here. But monsoon, that is the time I love it the most. It has a really comfy feeling, i don't know how to completely describe it but i always felt very sleepy and nice. 

A library has a charm of its own. The voice of different writers echoes in its walls. It's simply magical...

i realize that i have written the piece in past tense. its been more than a year since i have been to my school. so a little nostalgic...

Peer Review

I love all of your description, I can really tell how much you love this library.

Nothing except for the suggestions highlighted. This was really well written!

Reviewer Comments

I love this so much!!! I don't visit my school library very often anymore, but I used to go there quite a bit at lunch. It never really held that comforting feeling though. Your's sounds amazing!!! I also can't go to our library downtown because one it's quite far away, and two it's located in what's probably one of the sketchiest parts of downtown.

Just know that you definitely don't have to take any of my suggestions if you don't want to, after all, they are only suggestions.

Also I'm sorry this is late!!!