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Hi! Thank you for checking out my piece! I wrote this piece today because I was thinking about how exact math is. Then I started wondering what it would be like if the world only had one answer to everything like math problems. Anyways, I hope you like it! And, as always, feel free to leave any feedback you may have! Have a terrific day/night :)

my mind isn't made for math

March 19, 2021



I use to wonder why everything
In math is so precise
Like why can't it be art 
I know it's factual, literal 
Everything has to be exact
In order to score an A+ on the next big exam

And these formulas
I envy them because they always work
If only the world had a simple equation to solve
For everything to be perfectly complete 
Clearly, this is an obvious fantasy
But just please, bear with me

Can you even imagine a place
Where nothing could be interpreted differently 
Each life, each mind
Had the same philosophy 
Because every answer is wrong
Except for the one that's right 

It'd be so boring, so plain
Sure, everything would be solved
But then, what would our purpose even be
No more uncertainty
Humanity would be done with all its problems
But would that actually be good 

I don't know, this could never happen
But maybe it is somewhere out there in the distance
And we just aren't there to witness
What if this was our reality
And not just some strange idea of mine 
What if this was life?

I know, right now
You're totally denying what I'm saying
While I'm writing
You're thinking, this sounds like some
Crazy dystopian novel
Insane and stupid since it couldn't happen

Yet, if this were true
You'd just assume
This apparent fantasy was meant to be 
And you'd believe that this was actuality
Not perfect, but perfect enough 
To satisfy our lives 

Clothes and thoughts alike 
Dreams don't come alive 
Since there's no goal to achieve 
Nowadays, every single thing
We hope to to accomplish
Is based on the issues of society 

So I wish that these math formulas
Would change into watercolor paint
And instead of staying up late practicing
Sine, cosine, and tangent problems
I could create a world where
Diversity and originality was key



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  • Harper Stone

    Wonderful Writing!

    6 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    Re: Hey, thank you! Wait sorry I was kinda confused by your comment, and sorry if this comes off as rude but what did you say earlier or what did I say I forget haha

    6 months ago
  • SamRose

    Re: Thank you! And yeah, you should watch the movies! The first few are a little better, but that is because there is less action they have to squeeze in, so they are a lot more like the books. The last few get changed a bit, to be able to fit it all in two hours. You really have to have read the books for them to make complete sense. :)

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    Wow I love this! It really so accurately describes how thinking only one answer is right leads nowhere. And the crazy thing is, the greatest mathematicians in history had to think out of the box, so teaching us that there's only one way to solve an answer actually hurts us in the long run! This is my favourite line, "Because every answer is wrong/Except for the one that's right " that was just so powerful and I love the ending as well, "So I wish that these math formulas/Would change into watercolor paint" and the way you tied diversity in was really neat as well! RE: Aww, thank you so much!! And hahah, yes no pressure! Yes good! Although saying it like that really makes it seem like a step down in books XD Hahah, that's totally fine- I just have family movie night every weekend but otherwise I wouldn't watch movies either- I don't have that attention span! And I want the character growth that comes with t.v. shows. I am always up for a light-hearted movie though! Jumanji was amazing! And oooh, I love movies based on real-life! I briefly watched 42: The Jackie Robinson Story in class a few years ago and it was soo good! Also oooh nice! I started watching the Crown with my parents and then we just completely forgot after a few days- but it was really good from the parts that we watched! And Schitt's Creek is sooo hilarious!! Literally one of my favourite shows! Did you know that Moira- the actor who plays her completely thought of the accent on her own! My absolute favourite t.v. show is The Office! But I'm watching Parks and Recreation right now and that's really good as well. Ooooh, Brooklyn 99 and Friends are my other favorites! I also love everything Marvel! I just searched up All American- that seems really interesting! I only have Netflix and Disney Plus so I wouldn't be able to watch it though! :/

    6 months ago
  • Mespotz

    Usually poetry that describes a totally different world often doesn't make sense and has useless rhetoric kept for poetic value, but every single part of this was relatable, understandable, and full of substance! I love it!

    6 months ago
  • Awesome Sienna

    I love this!
    Re: Thank you so much!

    6 months ago
  • SamRose

    Re: You should totally watch them! The books are way better tho, as books often are... but the movies are great too. You've read the books, right? And yeah, chicken pot pie is my fave. :)

    6 months ago
  • SamRose

    I just posted my Q&A answer piece!

    6 months ago
  • SamRose

    I love this! And I sympathize. XD Math is my least favorite subject. Except maybe P.E.

    6 months ago
  • maria.

    Wow this is amazing! I've never thought of maths in this way and what it would be like if everything was like that, in a way it makes me appreciate creativity more. I wish everyone appreciated creativity more... It reminds me of what my friend said today in school, which has a different perspective of maths, but is interesting as well. She said "i like maths because the answer's always there, it's just lost, you've just got to find it" Anyways have an amazing day!

    6 months ago
  • SamRose

    Re: Aw, thx! I'll let you know when I post the Q&A answers. :)

    6 months ago