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these are the days i will remember

March 18, 2021


    We'll look back on these days. The vine-draped walls of our room, the speaker in the corner of the room, the wall that is covered in pictures from football games, the complaining about our physics class.
    "Do you remember when we used to pray that our teacher would forget we had homework?" "What about that time we sneaked our phones into class and took turns playing on the Apple TV?" "Or that day when we played hide and seek under the bleachers after exams?"
    Tell me, will you remember this? Will you remember the girl who sat next to you in English and proofread your paper so you could get a better grade? Will you remember the guy who came to Spanish right before the bell rang every day, yelling, "I'm not late!"? Will you remember how we petitioned the school until they gave us coffee on exam days?
    I don't know if you will, but I will. I will remember the disappointment when we lost 21-14 at the championship game. I will remember the excitement in the air right before the senior parade. I will remember the smell of freshly made king cake in the commons in February. I will remember the collective groaning whenever we got held back before lunch. I will remember losing my name tag and borrowing someone else's, knowing I won't get caught. I will remember making fun of the boys when they were told to get their hair cut; I will remember when our principal retired halfway through the year.
    They tell you, this is just another chapter in your life. And they're right. A year from now, I'll be living in a dorm with (at least) three tattoos and a caffeine addiction. But for now, I will live my best life. The present is all we've got. So I'm going to enjoy the days I have, because that's what I will remember.


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  • Nyla

    Omg- this piece is so beautiful and really true. It's really making me miss in-person school and life before COVID- I know you intended this to be leaving high school in general but it just really makes me remember all those amazing little things (which you described so well!) that totally made my day at school! The ending is super amazing!

    6 months ago