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Driving fast with the music loud
Walking in the rain
Ballgowns & Doc Martens

Message to Readers

I have not written anything creative unprompted in months (yay quarantine-induced writing slumps!), but I just suddenly got the idea of having to ritual cast a spell in a cheap motel room last night and thus this vignette was created. It was more an aesthetic exploration of modern-set magic more than anything else. Any comments or reviews are appreciated!

last night at the nowhere motel

March 17, 2021


The motel room smelled like dreams and cigarettes, both crushed under various boots.
Diane had been in worse.
At least this one didn’t have cockroaches huddled in a shiny black mass under the mattress that scattered as soon as it was lifted, taking her piece of mind with them into every hidden shadow of the room.
This one just had long red hairs in the bath tub and half the bar of soap bitten away.
But those things didn't matter. None of it did. All she was focused on was the itch. The itch tingling up and down her spine and her fingers joints, aching in her knees and prickling across her skull.
So she sat on the bed, her weight sinking into the hard mattress, barely caring if louses resided underneath her. She was too focused on the words.
The muttered words under her breath in a language she barely understood, more an instinct than anything else.
The gestures, fluid hand motions, palms circling each other, before coming to a sharp staccato stop.
And the lines. Smeared lines from a watered-down bottle of black dollar store nail polish, that she dripped and painted across the cheap carpet floor that smelled like sweat and loss, covering it up with chemical-scented magic.
Concentric circles and ancient runes, closer, more precise, the longer she drew them, her back arching and aching as she bent over her work, muttering and breathing in deep lungfuls of the sage she was burning in the bathroom sink. Not the worst thing that bathroom had seen by a long shot. Not with the faint streaks of blood on the grimy baseboards.
Finally she was done, as the fluorescent clock struck 5am and the people in the room next door finally stopped blasting the same rock song over and over. Exhausted, Diane sank back down onto the bed, pulling up what was left of her strength and began to hum.


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  • lifeasamusical

    I love how you make magic feel like a calling, something that she has to do, and also how she has to do it regardless of the setting, which really universalizes it in a way that makes a lot more sense for the modern world. This also brings to mind a lot of other questions and ideas for how magic could work in today's world, not the fantasy universes or dystopias that this sort of theme is often found in.

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    Also your bio- omg literally the exact same. I need winter to go away so I can wear my docs again!!

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    Wow! This had such vivid imagery- I loved it!! Literally, every line brought something new I can't even pick a favourite! You described things I wouldn't even think to describe and in the most creepy way possible which really set the tone. "At least this one didn’t have cockroaches huddled in a shiny black mass under the mattress that scattered as soon as it was lifted" is sooo eerie- honestly I really wanted to scream because I swear I could actually hear them scattering away. RE: omg awww thank you so much!!

    6 months ago
  • Sophiascb

    This is so cool, you set the scene so so well! I really like this take on magic, what with the nail polish and not needing to be in a particularly special place to do it. It feels more accessible and human than most magic-centered stories. Love it!

    6 months ago