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The job of a writer is to challenge, to inspire and to spark hope. It is with one breath to affirm the reader and to place them in the uncomfortable position of having to face reality. We write to create, not to destroy. To offer wisdom, in whatever form that may take. But do we really write our stories, or do our stories write us?

The Freefall

March 17, 2021


Have you ever hit the freefall?
You are walking down the road and suddenly
Your feet are the only thing keeping you moving

Your mind spins off in a million directions
Becoming aware of a million things
And all you once knew need proving

You wear nothing but pyjamas
And wander like Ophelia
Singing of flowers as your mind takes a deep dive
Into the Earth which you long/fear to return to

And your own garden is wild
Not dead exactly, nor healthy
There is so much growth that nothing can thrivee
No order, no gardener, no structure to turn to

The pressure of epiphany pounds on your brain
After this is over, what will remain?
Only the joy?  Only the pain?
Plath and madness in each vein
Waiting for the safe refrain
And then you reach terminal velocity

And everything melts away
In the eye of the hurricane


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1 Comment
  • Kasilee

    Love this! Beautifully written, and so relatable!

    about 2 months ago