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My heart breaks for Remus Lupin

By: SunV


Alone, Remus Lupin sits in the chair by the window. It's been a year since everything came crashing down, a year since he had felt happy.

The first few months were torture. He wasn't sure if he ate or bathed. Dumbledore had told him the news, and he had run off. Leaving Harry alone. And now he couldn't go get him, because Dumbledore had given him to Petunia, who had been promised that she wouldn't hear from the WIzarding community for a long time.

So as he steps into Hogwarts for his five year reunion, (that was, whoever was left from their batch) he can see Lily sitting on the tree with a book in her hand, and Remus begging her to come down, because he didn't climb trees (he was a werewolf, wasn't that enough animal behaviour?) He could see James and Sirius swimming in the black lake, the giant squid trying to grab them (but Sirius and James were fast swimmers. Too bad it didn't help in staying alive)

He even calls out to a short looking boy in Gryffindor who walks past him. 'Petey', he yells. But the boy doesn't turn around.

That's when it hits him. Lily is dead. James is dead. Peter is dead. Sirius is worse than dead.

He turns on his heel and runs out of the castle. Screw the five year reunion, there isn't anything to celebrate anyways.

Inspired by 'My heart breaks for George Weasley' by Lata B. Go check it out, it's so heart-breaking (in a really good way!!)

Peer Review

It was a beautifully written, moving piece as always. I really loved reading it!

I think it's really nice in its simplicity but you could also add just a sentence here and there describing the surroundings like what he sees looking out the window or something!

Reviewer Comments

I loved it so much and the only comments I made were extremely tiny nitpicks and you can feel free to ignore all of them because they're all just personal opinion. I just know that I like people picking out things like that in mine :)