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graveyard for promises

March 17, 2021


I wish that I wasn't sitting in the center of a cemetery, surrounded by all these lies, and broken promises. Gentle breezes sweep through the empty rows of tombstones. I sit in the center of it all. The world around me is loud, but everything has silenced in my head. I felt a sensation that I identified as a chill, but the cold was the last thing I felt. I raise to my feet, slowly walking through the rows. My eyes briefly stare at each of the monuments. 

"Be a good person."
"Make your life yours."
"Never lose yourself."
"Stay friends forever."
"Grow old, but never apart."
"Don't forget..."

"Leave yourself without doubts."

My fingers run across each engraving. They stop with the last tomb. "Leave yourself without doubts." 

A chill is sent down my spine, this time I felt the ice in my veins and the evident drop in temperature.
"It's time." a voice echoes. My eyes fall on the ground, the shadow of a hooded figure draws near, and there I lay, a corpse surrounded by the lies of my past.
this was just a random thought... 


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  • Awesome Sienna

    This is really interesting.
    Re: Their full names are Montiel Tango and Nibbles, But I just call them Monty and Nibbles.

    3 months ago