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March 17, 2021

Where I actually listen to the prompt:

Friendship is a lifeline for when everything seems to be crashing down. It is the relationship between two like-minded people who understand each other when no one else. 

Where I decide to be a rebel:

"You're such a weirdo."
"I love you too!" 

Friendship is the love between two people who truly understand each other. It is the love between you and someone else who will always be there for you, through thick and thin, night or day, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. It is the willingness to put someone else above yourself. It is the special bond where you hug in silence even in the middle of a fight because sometimes a hug fixes everything. Friendship is a seesaw; there are ups and there are downs, but when things get rough, you don't jump off the seesaw, because you know, and they know, you'll be coming up soon enough. Friendship is the one thing you never take for granted, ever. 

Please, when you meet a genuine friend, pull them in, hold them tight, and never let go. Friends are like the sprinkles on cupcakes, you don't need them, but if you have the right ones, they make your life all the more. 
omg y'all, day one of random things I did to embarrass myself
-I literally complained in class without knowing that my mic was still on...

also i wrote this to avoid my chemistry hw... send help


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  • Awesome Sienna

    I love it! I have guinea pigs too! 2 balls of cuteness!

    3 months ago